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Craig Baillie

Creative Director

Craig BaillieCraig Baillie has 25+ years of experience in design, website creation, and digital marketing. Craig’s interest in drawing cartoons as a kid led to his exploration of every type of art, design, mural, painting, and print while completing his Art and Philosophy double major at the University of Chicago.

After college, Craig worked as a pre press computer operator, assistant art director, and digital design director for Saga Advertising until he formed Brave New Media in 1998. During the 22 years as a partner at Brave New Media Craig has helped the smallest clients and the largest national brands achieve business goals using inventive, compelling creative of every kind. During these years, Craig and Brave New Media has been both a client and a vendor for AIMCLEAR.

In 2021 Craig joined AIMCLEAR as Creative Director, bringing all his passion and experience for digital marketing along with him.