Matt Peterson

Matt Peterson

Account Services Manager

Creativity is Matt’s MO, and something he brings to work daily as an Online Marketing Account Manager at aimClear, a Minnesota-based online marketing agency. Although proficient in just about every discipline of online marketing, Matt’s areas of expertise are technical SEO diagnosis and reputation monitoring. Matt currently serves as the AdWords and Facebook advertising account representative, and handles online reputation and crisis management for several major brands. A leader in aimClear-led studies, his research and writing have been cited in publications such as Search Engine Land, CNET, Search Engine Journal, and Techipedia.

Search Engine History – From WW2 to WWW

Everything old is new again. Would you believe that the origins of Google’s algorithm & mission statement may date back to 1945? What can the history of search tell us about where it’s going in the future? In writing his next search marketing book (due in the fall) Search Engine Strategies’  Mike Grehan explored these […]

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Search Evolution: Data Convergence & The End of Keywords?

While search technology naturally evolves, we must also recognize that human’s usage, expectations & desires for search are evolving as well. As marketers learn to leverage the information, tools & channels available now, we need to be cognizant and welcoming of the evolving search trends on tomorrow’s horizon. Who should be playing catchup, search technology […]

By on August 17th, 2010

Don’t Slap Rainbows: Diversity Marketing Realness

Dear Marketer-folk: You’re missing serious demographic opportunities. The dual income gay & lesbian household, the force-of–nature purchasing power of latino consumers, teens, tweens & African Americans. You’ve probably read the NYT articles or some Adage infographics on these demographics, but if  these recent advertising efforts are any indication, the boat = still missed. Paid Search […]

By on March 4th, 2010

Way Up Google’s Research Snoot with Peter Norvig

Peter Norvig, you might have heard of him, or felt his presence on stormy mountain tops. Among several other accomplishments, he is the creator of Norvig’s Law, the world record holder for the longest palindrome, former head of computational sciences research at NASA,  ballet dancer, current director of research at Google, & a human being. […]

By on March 3rd, 2010

Trends, ZombieBait & Sideways Keyword Research

Some people think keyword research consists of going to the Google Keyword tool, typing in four of their industry phrases & then just grabbing the keywords with the highest volume. But some people are ultra DumbPants month-punchers & need additional research guidance in order to find the highly targeted keyword permutations, relevant stemming topics & […]

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