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Actionable Analytics: Demand Conversion Tracking

Modern analytics are beautiful. Since the early 90’s Internet marketing folks from New York to Duluth have strived to use the best-in-class tools of the day to report on website effectiveness. Even the earliest analytics (raw web logs) provided useful insight regarding user behavior in the form of “hits” and simple referral data (where traffic […]

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Actionable Analytics-Pay Attention to the Bounce Rate.

Modern Analytics packages offer a statistic (we hate to read) called the “Bounce Rate.” Bounce Rate is different than the “Exit Rate” measurement and speaks to how many visitors entire a site on a landing page only to leave from the same landing page without going any further within the site. It’s especially ugly to […]

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Google Analytics Upgrade, the Latest Authority Blog Buzz Posts

When Google’s makeover of Google Analytics was unveiled on Tuesday we received quite a bit of traffic from Technorati for our early review. Understandably there is a huge amount of commotion in the blog world regarding the enhancements. Here are the latest buzz posts from “authority” SEM publications in case you need a little light […]

By on May 10th, 2007

Must Read 2007 Web Analytics Shootout – Interim Report

So great is the ripple effect of social media that people blog about people blogging about important content. It is in this spirit that I pass along the following content, which is striking in scope and seriously useful to anyone who reads analytics everyday-or should. Thanks to Stone Temple Consulting for making this information available […]

By on May 7th, 2007

Personalized Search and Next Gen Reporting Tools

Google has now imposed personalized search without an easy way for customers to turn it off or even know about it. This means search engine results pages (SERP) are no longer consistant from user to user rendering traditional organic prominence reporting tainted. While there are “best practice” tactics to deal with personalized search engine results, […]

By on March 10th, 2007

PPC: Essential Conversion Tracking

Sometimes clients or prospective clients send us pay per click (PPC) conversion data for our comments. Usually these metrics include spreadsheets with keywords, ad copy, headlines, click-through ratio, and cost. We look at the standard data provided in these reports: but more often then not the most important statistics are missing:

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