23 Favorite Social Media Posts From AIMCLEAR Blog

socia-media-gardenA new client asked us to assemble content selections from this blog, which might serve as a starting place for first corporate SMO meanderings and shed light on AIMCLEAR‘s philosophies.

He suggested I choose my own favorites, which made researching posts a fun exercise amongst our hectic production schedule.

As you might guess, most SMO clients do not want their advertising agency to publicize case studies.  However, these posts are reflective of our ethics, strategic patterns and share tactics as applied to (& reported from) actual client-files.

Social Media Buzz Pocket Mining: The New Keyword Research
Buzz pocket mining is a keyword research approach, used to identify keywords (& their values), advised by social spikes, both transient historical.

Manipulate to Serve: Marketing by Holistic (Front Door) Social Media Pitch
Great StumbleUpon tactic and the foundation of “manipulate to serve”

StumbleUpon Death Threats in eBay Social Network
Taking on the trolls

Cross-Pollinating Social Media Viral Seeds
Advanced layering of social media effects from participation in multiple communities

43 Killer Viral Tips from Top Marketers: SES Day 1
A nice primer from SES San Jose, 2008 by one of our best conference bloggers 🙂

Avatar series explores common social media user-participation models.
New Series: Avatar Theory, Common Social Media Participation Models
Avatar Theory #3: The DoFollow Link Builder
Eyes & Ears: Walled Garden Forum Rat Avatars

Categories, Bookmarks & Tags: Background & Basics
Written to demystify the concept of social bookmarking

Destroy Enemies Using Social Media Tool
This article points out the the tools and tips proffered by SMO bloggers, actually give the bad guys nuclear weapons.

Drive 28,402 Extra Visitors by Blogging for 48 Minutes.
A true story, which resulted in this post from a link-baiter pal (How Marty Weintraub Got Me To Click)

Social Media Mirrors Physical Life
The core of social media is that actual societal hierarchies are reflected online.

Take What Google Freely Gives: SEO Using Social Media Profiles
Social Media and SEO intertwined

The Social Media Friendship Bill of Rights (and Other Sticky Wickets)
Rulz of the games

Does Gaming Social Sites Ruin Lives?
A dark look at SMO spammers

Ask Not What Community Can Do For YOU
Ask what you can do for your community.

Buzz Pocket Mining Tutorial: An Intersection of Keyword Research & Social Media
This Hands on BMP exercise is the “can do” step-by-step from my SMX East “Advanced Keyword Research” presentation.

Revive Suffocating Web 1.0 Sites with Tricked-Out WordPress Mashups.
Learn how to “mash in” WordPress for turnkey SMO functionality.

Don’t Pee in the Pool. Responsible Social Media Marketing
More on corporate responsibility

PR Power Blogging Zen, the 7 Classic Nodes
Everyone talks about how great SMO is for PR. This post discusses a practical segmentation of classic public relations communications.

Hail Mary Facebook Ads Saved Christmas
A true story J

The Evaporating Yellow Line between SEO & Social Media
Why SEOs are thinking social media

Zen of the Fanatical Business Blogger
Marty waxes nostalgic on business blogging.

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