28 Absurd Social Media Marketing Lies Which Can Tank Your ROI

The elusive pathway to social media marketing return on investment is paved with misconceptions, ranging from fables and delusions to fantasy and even outright lies!  In preparation for recent conference speaking appearances, our AIMCLEAR team researched years of industry blog posts from various publications, which speak to social media myths. We’ve gathered the most pervasive folktales here and added a few of our own discovery.  Enjoy!

paper building and people cut outs on a table top with a text if you build it they will come

Misconception! Building a social media profile, blog, presence or channel does NOT insure that anyone will ever see your profile or posts. With much less social SEO above the fold and free social distribution waning in favor of paid-organic looking social amplification, active promotion is required to earn those precious eyeballs.

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