483 Things We Hate & Love About Search Conference Speakers

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Fueled by what may have been but a playful suggestion from our friend @ToddMintz, @AIMCLEAR typed a tweet, lit a match and ignited a lightning-speed cyber-chat that moved so fast it was hardto keep up. Frankly, I’m surprised didn’t take down the server. Or become a trending topic. But… what was the topic?

What you, yes you, positively hate in conference speakers.

Mumbling, plugging, dishing out old news like it’s hot sh*t– the responses spanned the spectrum. The convo swayed back to admirable speaker qualities, then back to pet peeves– each response more colorful than the last. We wanted to capture the moment and share it here.

So… without further adieu, the unanticipated alien-third-arm of this Internet Marketing Conference Speaker series, 483 Things The World Loves & Hates About Internet Marketing Conference Speakers. (Well, it seemed like 483. Okay, shameless clickbait…)

Quote, Hey tweeps. Please tell me what you hate, hate, hate the most in conference speakers.

Quote, I think speakers should have to audition via YouTube videos. That way at least personality fail would come through.
Quote, repeating the same basic info you're hear 100 times.
Reading everything on the slide.
Quote, speakers clearly trying to shill their own stuff.
Quote, trying to sell, boring, not organized, lack of focus, condescending jerks.
Quote, stale regurgitated info, stating facts without proof, selling.
Quote, Hate self promotion in a conference speaker.
Quote, Also hate speakers who get an ego, think they're better than people because they are a speaker.
Quote, no clock awareness.
Quote, when they have all the knowledge in the world and fall short in engaging their audience. Monotone voices, unorganized.
Quote, Hate speakers that talk about how cool this iPhone app or tool is with no marketing context.
Quote, poor delivery, no enthusiasm, engagement, lack of prep. Use the same deck, over and over.
Quote, Canned pitches.
Quote, Death by powerpoint, turns speech into sales pitch, forgets the audience.
Late, hungover speakers.

Quote, Lack of energy and passion will kill a session every time.
Quote, Number 1 Compaint is speakers who talk to fast and use too many slides.
Quote, Hate when speakers are so obviously there to pitch something and their info is very basic and not useful.
Quote, That's easy, smugness. If they think they have all the answers, they come as smug rather than informative.
Quote, Hate when I spend good money and the speaker says, I got so wasted last night and didn't have much time to prepare.

Quote, What do you love, love, love in a speaker.

Quote, the ones that wear hats and shades during the presentation.
Quote, love speakers that give me a new perspective, new way of thinking.
Quote, Love jokes, talk about their process, love examples and evidence. Hate self promotion, selling, reading from slides.
Quote, Speakers who don't change their power point slides for months or years.


Quote, What do you love or hate in a conference speaker?
Quote, Listening to speakers using the same content year after year.
Quote, Love speakers that know their stuff inside out and can entertain while informing.
Quote, Love in a speaker? Genuine passion for what they're talking about.
Quote, I'm not particularly fond of umms and uhs. Something so small, but hey, be confident people.
Quote, especially when the presentation then goes on to give on unique or dangerous info out.
Quote, Hate sales speeches. If your speech is good, you've sold me.
Quote, I love having at least one practical takeaway for a fresh new idea or tool to test out for SEO, links, RM, CRO, etc. campaigns.
Quote, Self deprecation. A good gag or two along lines shows humility providing it seems sincere.
Quote, Also, when they read from the slides verbatim. I can read. I'm not an idiot. I can read and listen to you talk.
Quote, There are 100 slides, but I am going to go as fast as I can and you can just download them from my site.
Quote, Love when they share technique with results data, even if anecdotal. Hate whenever the haven't tested what they presented.
Quote, Love fresh information, rapid fire. Hate slow, personal anecdotal stories.
Quote, Love enthusiasm for the topic and industry, sharing new info not seen at other conferences, sharing real-world case studies.
Quote, Pompousness, Ridiculing other. Reading slide bullet points. Being boring.
Quote, Dislike when its clear they haven't considered that correlation is NOT necessarily causation.
Quote, Also love preparation. People paid to be there, don't just waltz up there and wing it.
Quote, Worse thing for me hearing a speaker say things that are not true.
Quote, Hate weak case studies, bad data, weird looking analytics zoomed in on day by day spikes.
Quote, When a speaker goes way over time making the other speakers rush their presentations.
Quote, Love when speakers move, use inflection, tell me something I don't know.
Quote, I've found many attendees don't follow up on offers to help though. We're there to help. If we offer, use us.
Quote, Love when speakers show you their mistakes and how to fix them.

The totally impromptu thirty-seven minute thread garnered more than five dozen responses. It spawned this blog post. It even made us some new friends. Best. Lunch break. Ever.

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