57 Takes on Facebook Places: Analyzed, Criticized, Evangelized

A Facebook search of the term "Facebook Places" and its results.

By now, you’ve probably caught wind of this thing called “Facebook Places.” In fact, unless your entire last week was consumed by SES San Francisco or Affiliate Summit you may have read, with bated breath,  live blog coverage from Facebook HQ in Palo Alto, CA. It was there CEO Mark Zuckerberg addressed a crowded room that, according to Greg Sterling, resembled “a wedding or luau [rather] than a press conference.” Right. That’s creepy-ominous enough.

If by some chance you’re living under a rock and have not heard of Facebook Places, here’s a 140 character summary: Facebook Places allows users to share their location & the location of their friends by “checking in” at places via an iPhone app. To paraphrase general feedback from social circles: “So… basically, it’s just like Foursquare.” Maybe so. Maybe no. Regardless, the unveiling of this possibly game-changing platform certainly warrants a closer look.

In an effort to help provide just that, we compiled a list of 57 recently-published posts about Facebook Places– from launch coverage to field guides, privacy warnings to tactics on how biz owners & marketers can capitalize on the functionality.  Read on for the complete link roundup.

Facebook Pages Genesis: The Making Of & Launch

What The Heck Is Facebook Places & How Do You Use It?

Facebook Places Features & Functions

Privacy Concerns & How To Opt Out

Tips For Businesses, Marketers & Developers


Facebook vs. The World [Wide Web]

Facebook Places: Analyzed, Criticized & Evangelized

Facebook Places: Lovers, Haters & the Utterly Indifferent

We decided to poll Twitter users to get a better understanding of how Facebook Places affects them, if at all…

Lauren tweeted: "Twitterpie, Please fill in the blank (for an upcoming blogpost): When I think of Facebook Places, I feel."

A list of responses to Lauren's question, When I think of Facebook Places I feel like: putting on a tinfoil hat; nauseated, irritated, aggravated, exasperated, frustrated, violated, agitated, demotivated, In short Facebook places is addlepated; nostalgia for a time gone by when it may have worked, but I'm firmly on Four-square now; like it is simply too much; dirty.

I feel like checking into Four-square.

One tweet said, "Completely indifferent."
Overexposed, another tweeted.

Finally, the last tweet we'll share made us laugh, "Empty inside."

What are your thoughts on Facebook Places?


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