A Gift of Music: The Prayer Song

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PrayerFriends, Family, & Associates, thank you for making this year so meaningful in the richness of your friendship and collaboration. May this season bring you and your loved ones blessed peace, joy, happiness, heart, passion, and longevity.

“The Prayer Song” is attached along with the lyrics Download link. I was fortunate enough to co-write and record it with my musician mentor & friend Dick Wilson in 1991. This tape (get that…TAPE 🙂 ) originated @ The PolyGram International Publishing Studio in Burbank.

Dick wrote these lovely lyrics & I played the instruments except for percussion. The singer/percussionist is my dear old friend and tremendously talented Kurt Barkdull, a musical partner for 7 CDs in the 90’s. “Prayer Song” has been resonating since Kurt was kind enough to remind me about it. Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, young, old, whatever- we all have our own way of connecting to the universe through prayer and song. Peace on Earth, Good Toward Men. Shalom.

Prayer Song
Somebody whispers, somebody shouts
One person’s strong, another one doubts
One feels the power the other’s afraid
These are the things of which prayers are made

Sometimes the words are lonely and sad
One person’s joyful the other one’s mad
One bangs the drum, some pull the shade
These are the things of which prayer’s are made

Some come in confession, others simply sigh
Some ask the question “why did she die?”
Pictures and phrases, praises and pleas
Some on a soapbox, some on their knees

One person’s singing, another one writes
Some say the same thing morning and night
One waits for Christmas and then once a year
Quietly says what he thinks God might hear

So many voices, so many ways
Some in their silence at the end of their days
All kinds of people reaching for love
Theses are the things that my prayers are made of

Copyright 1991 (C&P)

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