A Holiday Gift of Dolphin Song, from AIMCLEAR


Download Song: The Gift
In 1993, I composed and released 2 CDs blending early digital recordings of dolphins communicating, ocean soundscapes,  ambient habitat, acoustic grand piano, global percussion and my favorite pop/jazz musician friends in Minneapolis. Having just enjoyed (mostly) a couple of years songwriting for PolyGram International Publishing, “Dolphin Dreams” and “Dolphin Serenade” marked my entre’ on the national scene as a solo “new age” recording artist.

It was absolutely spiritual, recording dolphins in the semi-wild and humane captivity.  My most incredible memory from that era was the privilege of being present during a live dolphin birth, hydrophone in the water and later orchestrating the birth playing grand piano, whilst looking over Boston’s skyline from the studio.

The products, sold in gift shops and retail giants like Target, were really successful, part of a 75+ product  label that sold 20 million CDs aggregate and turned into a very lucky ride for me. For about 5 years, it was literally impossible to travel anywhere in the world without seeing one of my 5 NorthSound CDs. Once I climbed Pike’s Peak in CO and found my dolphin CDs in the interpretive gift center.

In many ways the experience represented musical goals reached after a decade of hard-living playing rock bars,  aircraft carriers (USO entertainer) and recording bigger name jingles. The years 1993-1998 were truly peak, setting the stage for my search marketing career and AIMCLEAR.

In 1998 came the third NorthSound Dolphin CD, “Dolphin Dance.” That project featured a song, recorded the previous year on the stately grand piano at Glensheen Mansion here in Duluth, called “The Gift.” More than a decade later, it still gets radio play from the album on which it was initially released, “Christmas at Glensheen.”

“The Gift” is our gift to you this Holiday Season. Thanks to my family for putting up with my blogging lifestyle. 🙂 Thank you to our clients, vendors, staff and other friends & associates. Peace on Earth, good will to men and women.
Download Song: The Gift

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