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About Us

AIMCLEAR® Performance Branding & Acquisition Agency

Performance Acquisition Begets Beloved Brand Status
From hyper-focused audiences to mass-market branding, we can elevate your brand to beloved-status as a byproduct of predictable acquisition. AIMCLEAR® melds client vision, paid and organic channels, your sophisticated data stack, brilliant in-house martech, human expertise, and performance marketing – so YOUR business can predictably earn and retain more customers.

Our mind-blowing, industry-altering team is devoted to your success. AIMCLEAR‘s people are second-to-none.

Fixtures on the international conference circuit from London to New York, Jerusalem to San Francisco and Warsaw to Dallas,  AIMCLEAR thought leaders have appeared in front of hundreds of international search & social marketing conference audiences since 2007.

Duluth office

AIMCLEAR‘s Competitive Advantages

  • True and pervasive marketing integration embodying the Tao of full brand creative systems and performance marketing
  • Free-standing and interwoven creative products, not normally found in media companies; exceptional storytelling & brand journalism
  • Creative data usage to solve complex business challenges, when cookie cutter approaches don’t work; we pioneer thinking outside the box we’re not in.
  • We’re a thought leadership factory, with a disproportional ratio of speakers, writers, major media mentions, reputation, etc.
  • Exceptional data integration; ad ops/data teams invited to the creative table.
  • The ability to test in a crucible and install learnings in larger systems.
  • Deep training experience and credentials
  • AIMCLEAR‘s hackathon product
  • Strong brand recognition with insiders
  • When’s the last time you’ve met a marketing company that could wire up your most important business and marketing data, build in custom optimization logic against revenue targets, and simultaneously craft big beautiful Madison Avenue creative?

AIMCLEAR's iconic red couch
We also encourage our employees to use company assets to support charities that matter  and volunteer at regional universities to support marketing students.

We’ve created and sequenced 7 annual Zenith Digital Marketing Conferences. The conferences, feature an impressive sampling of illuminating panelists we’ve presented beside at international conferences over the years. Top line proceeds go to benefit the Duluth Chamber of Commerce’s programs designed to keep local college students in Duluth, working after graduation.

wtf conference roomAIMCLEAR places the highest emphasis on culture and creating an atmosphere of respect, love, dignity, human rights, accountability, and natural consequences. Why accept less? We have fine wine tastings often. Our office is centered on a Food-Network-caliber gourmet kitchen. We have a washer and dryer so employees can do their laundry at work. Our team often eats breakfast and lunch here, with great food we keep stocked at our expense. We have family-style meals often and hold regular kitchen-table conferences.

We’re also committed to physical health. Our team uses treadmill desks, standing desks, and stationary bikes. We have health challenges with rewards for steps and other goals. Our benefits package includes access to world renowned Mayo Clinic. Insurance includes gym membership reimbursements and a company discount at Ignite.

Our Philosophies:

  • Achieve consensus for new hires amongst as many employees as reasonably possible, more than just the immediate team a candidate will work with. Choose teammates you will obviously love to be around. Pay attention to signals.
  • Understand that luck and the actions of others have as great an impact on the outcome as any personal action. Know that personal action by being visible in the industry and community, offering thought leadership, networking and attending events can manufacture luck. Also, luck requires action to take advantage of opportunities. A key metric for our business is “Return On Luck.”
  • We are committed to thought leadership, to sharing what we know with our industrial community so long as doing so does not compromise our business. We blog, present webinars, speak at conferences, undertake illuminating studies, write books, share strategies and tactics.
  • Take jobs you can succeed at and don’t kid yourself by taking jobs you can’t win just for the cash. Life is too short.
  • AIMCLEAR usually means “We,” “Us” and “Our,” not “Me, My” and “I.”
  • We travel to support our domestic and international work and encourage employees to piggyback vacation time surrounding business trips so that the company pays air expenses.
  • Achieve buy-in for the financial and product-development missions. As many of us as possible need to be on the same page: determined and committed to the process. We are committed to being an “Open Book” company — meaning transparency of financials to employees at all levels and a stake in the outcome.
  • Be totally willing to change your mind in light of feedback from employees and customers. Face the actual odds. Kick butt. Do personal reality checks often and assess if you’re open-minded enough to truly consider the perspective of others.
  • Consider a compassionate perspective as often as possible. Find empathy
  • Apologize when you are wrong, and don’t give ground when you are right. Don’t be codependent when you think you’re right. Keep the slate clean with everyone as if there is not another chance tomorrow. Remember that there will be another chance tomorrow.
  • Pay it forward. In the technology space, daily training is crucial. A person can’t live unless their mind is active and questing. This includes systematically gaining the perspective of thought leaders outside our company by daily reading, virtual and live attendance at conferences and specialized trainings outside of AIMCLEAR.
  • Hire employees who complement your strengths and weaknesses. Be brutal in your assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. It’s completely essential to understand your own powers and vulnerabilities.
  • Be conservative financially. Spend smart money without hesitation. Admit when the investment did not work and cut our losses. Learn from wins and losses.
  • Never allow customers or vendors to treat your team badly. If they do, fire them. Always have your employees’ backs. Don’t accept behavior from clients that drains life’s-energy.
  • In the technology business, you can’t have customers unable to understand and implement your team’s recommendations. Be real in assessing potential clients’ ability to handle our counsel and communicate the reality to the client in as nurturing a message a possible.
  • Don’t try to be something you’re not. A company has to be AIMCLEAR‘s size before it’s reasonable to take on areas of expertise not core to the founders. Teach your teammates what you personally know, slowly expanding our knowledge base with the addition of specialized employees. Pass your personal knowledge on to the next generation unselfishly. We will support our team in learning specific methods and tactics to pass their knowledge along.
  • Customer service is everything. Provide both clients and our AIMCLEAR teammates proactive and empathetic customer service. Spell out expectations as detailed specifics as written policy.
  • When employees struggle, personally or professionally, we work with them from a place of patience and compassion. We provide specifics, training and coaching. We operate within ethics and the HR law. If AIMCLEAR is not the right place for an employee, we know that we’ve tried everything possible personally and as a team to help them succeed.
  • Invite our team to emphasize culture, fun and gorgeous space.  Let team use our space for family events, showers, dinners, and geeky clubs. Nurture the whole employee and human needs.
  • Manage like you are dying. Be determined to leave this earth with all emotional and personal ledgers even.