Reed Dunbar HeadshotReed Dunbar is a Software Engineer at AIMCLEAR with a unique background and skills rooted in math and physics.

He earned undergraduate degrees in Applied Physics and Mathematics and a graduate degree in Engineering. He loves turning subjective thought into objective reasoning. It’s an approach he brings to his work at AIMCLEAR.

Reed designs and implements software solutions for web-based applications. He focuses on marketing technology, with work in predictive and forensic data analysis, systems integration and quality assurance. He works in Python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery and PHP as well as data formats XML, JSON and SQL.

“For me, it’s always about asking, ‘Why?'” he says. “It’s the reason I got interested in mechanics, engineering and physics. I love putting numbers to subjectivity. It’s what gets me fired up.”

Reed joined AIMCLEAR after working as a project and software engineer and operating his own consulting company. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling the world to experience cultures, food, music—and to find a great surf break.