Agency to In-House: Susan Wenograd’s Next Professional Adventure

Susan CMO

Strong marketers are always in demand, especially in a tough economy. Superstar marketers, however, are truly essential to brands – in particular when rocky times hit. 

Such is the case with AIMCLEAR CMO Susan Wenograd, who has been a core part of our AIMCLEAR team for the past couple of years. After helping to redefine AIMCLEAR for the next phase of success, Susan has been wooed away from us to spearhead strategic, integrated marketing for a rapidly growing B2B services provider. It’s a fabulous opportunity for her. 

Susan will be with our team through the end of July. We’ve been working with her planning transitions to AIMCLEAR‘s deep leadership bench, and informing clients before sharing more broadly today.  

No doubt we’ll miss her as part of our team, but it comes as no surprise that Susan would be called on for one of those “can’t-pass-this-up” moments in her storied digital marketing career. 

Susan first joined us as Account Group Director, advancing to CMO last. She’s been instrumental in helping us staff AIMCLEAR with brilliant marketers, who already advise and manage our top clients alongside Susan and on their own. Susan brought energy, smart ideas, and an incredible street sense to our team. Coolest of all, she has empowered all team members with much the same mindset, beautifully reflecting the values of our agency. 

We’ll let Susan share more about the next steps in her career through her social channels – @SusanEDub on Twitter and on LinkedIn. 

Susan is more than just a friend to all of us at AIMCLEAR. She is family, regardless of what organization is listed as her current employer. In fact, we have plans in the works to maintain close ties – personally and professionally moving forward. We’ll have more to share on that in the weeks ahead, but her influence will continue to be woven into the fabric of AIMCLEAR moving forward. 

For now, though, I want to share our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations for Susan’s contributions to, and her influence on our agency. She’s a fine example of a sharp professional who’s advanced from industry peer to true friend to trusted colleague to lifelong connection.

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