AIMCLEAR Coverage SES Chi-Town 2008 Wrap Up

SES AimclearSES Chicago 2008 was a wonderful experience for our team and it was great for them to meet so many friends in person.

I’m uber-proud of Nam, Peter, Manny and Marc for their hard work, thoughtful and detailed session coverage. Thanks to our buddies at Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch.  Here’s a sign-off & roundup of their posts from SES Chicago 2008.  See ya’ll @ SES NYC 2009!

Spinning a 2.0 Web of Social Change At SES – Nam Provost
How do you give back to the community? In this session, speakers spoke on topics surrounding social responsibility, blended value models and nurturing your relationship with the 2.0 Web World.

Lead a Horse To Water: The State of Integration – Peter Provost
“What is the best way to approach “Integrated” marketing strategies in the current economic environments and beyond?” It’s a difficult question but somebody’s (Orion) gotta answer it.

Thought Leaders At SES: Chris Boggs V-Interview – Manny Rivas
In this interview Chris spoke of measuring success & the evolving indusdry, as well as his involvement in the community and how it has assisted in the transition to “modern” social media.

Call The Question: Is There Life Beyond Google? – Nam Provost
The survey says…YES! Although Google continues to dominate in the search arena, speakers encouraged marketers to explore some other aternatives.

Advertisers, Agencies & Automation Oh My! – Peter Provost
In this session panelists took their best shot at the brain buster question, where do you see the future of marketing headed?

Universal Search & Optimizing For Blended SERPs – Manny Rivas
What is this Search world coming to?! Everyday search evolves looking to bring a more comprehensive experience to users. It requires new & improved SEO methods to stay on top. What do the industry leaders have to say about it all?

Day 1: My Daily Takeaways From SES Chicago – Marc Grabanski
Day 2: My Daily Takeaways From SES Chicago
These sessions pump out so much information it’s hard to keep track of it all. Marc sums up the days key points perfectly with these posts.

Human Internet Psyche, Bill Tancer & Kevin Ryan – Peter Provost
These seasoned Search Marketers tackle the topic of human Internet psyche and the implications it has on the way we develop and deliver our message to customers.

The Real Key to Keyword Research: People – Nam Provost
Demystifying keyword research was at the heart of this PPC session. The panelists layed out countless tips, tricks and tools to aid in the enhancement of keyword research.

I Drool, You Drool, We All Drool For New Tools – Manny Rivas
This session was a gold mine of powerful SEO tools and various pairings there of availabe at your disposal.

Jordan Kasteler: Pocket Cam Interview at SES – Manny Rivas
Although a young buck, Jordan is a rising star in the industry, speaking at many conferences, offering valuable content and thought-leadership in the deepest chasms of the search community.

Analytics…SMAnalytics! We Need New Thinking – Nam Provost
The panelists in this session dug deep, working to define the intersection of Social Media and Analytics, or as Nam so eloquently put; SMAnalytics.

Thought Leaders at SES: Jim Hedger V-Interview – Manny Rivas
Not shy to reveal his path along the SEO trail, he also shared some embarrasing moments he’s had in live broadcast.

Pay Per Conversation: Changing Our Mindset – Nam Provost
With the shift in the economy there is a need to adjust the mindset from “Pay Per Click” to “Pay Per Conversation.” Each click is a potential customer trying to engage you, how should you respond?

Kimberly Krause Berg: Full Circle Marketing & The Future of Forums – Manny Rivas
Kim works to define the point at which usability and SEO intersect to the benefit of search engines & users alike. In the interview she touches on what she sees the future of forums in modern social media to be.

Welcome to PPC Boot Camp with Matt and Mona – Peter Provost
Stepping back to the basics for a moment, Search Advertising 101 revisits the structural foundation of it all; keywords, online ad creative, placement and campaign management.

Thought Leaders at SES: Michael Gray V-Interview – Manny Rivas
While still keeping one eye on Google, Michael was able to share his view on diversifying traffic referrals & link buying.

Eric Enge PocketCam Interview at SES Chicago – Manny Rivas
Eric spoke with us about duplicate content and the highlight points of the anticipated fisticuffs session “Black Hat, White Hat and the Best Kept Secrets to Search.”

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