Aimclear Elevates (Bomb Ass) Strategists to VP, BOOM!💥

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Aimclear has been at the forefront of the integrated marketing wave for more than a decade. We’ve set out to define and redefine marketing – as well as where Aimclear fits many times over. As such, we’ve undertaken a series of moves- with more to come.

First, as many of you know, we recently added veteran (and rising star) marketer/industry thought leader Susan Wenograd to the Aimclear team. Her role on entrance, quite intentionally, was left fluid. We were careful to take the time to not to put Susan in a structural box. Instead, we asked Susan to arrive, get her bearings, and begin building her vision for integrated marketing strategy at Aimclear.

Susan Wenograd of Aimclear

Now that Susan’s been with us and slamming the ball out of the park, we’re codifying the importance of her role as Vice President of Marketing Strategy. Susan will continue to run client accounts, nurture new marketing relationships, and represent Aimclear on the conference circuit as a sought-after keynoter and session speaker. Susan graciously shares her wisdom and marketing vision with others in the industry, which is a hallmark of Aimclear since day-1.

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Susan is currently presenting this week at BrightonSEO in the UK and will be one of two keynote speakers at the legendary Zenith Marketing Conference in Duluth, April 25.

Marketing + PR + [ _____ ]

At the same time, longtime Aimclearian and veteran PR guy, Joe Thornton, has been through pretty much every PR scenario in his ~30 years in broadcast journalism, PR, corporate communications, and crisis response.

Joe has been doing innovative work as we’ve continued to integrate PR and social PR for this new era. From building personal brands for industry leaders to establishing stronger brand presence for businesses large and small, he has exceptional depth in a wide range of intertwined PR and marketing practices. 

As such, today we’re re-defining Joe’s role as Vice President of PR Strategy.

Joe has been instrumental helping our company and clients understand and maximize the intersection of marketing and PR. He’s been an essential player on our creative team and has been a driving force behind much of our multimedia work. Aimclear’s resident cop (figuratively and literally), Joe hawkishly governs our brand and even keeps me in line from time to time (OK, often), which is no small task :-/.

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Marketing + PR + Content = Integration!

Let’s tie this all together now. Last week we announced the addition of industry veteran Mark Traphagen to the Aimclear team. Mark is our new Vice President of Content Strategy.

Susan, Mark, and Joe work closely together developing integrated strategies. Together, they  represent a uniquely strong bench in core areas of focus for the company – marketing, content, and PR. They help redefine go-to-market opportunities and help us dig even deeper. integrating all aspects of marketing for our clients.

We see the combination of Susan, Mark, and Joe for what it is; a cool mashup of talent to help drive strategies and bold new ideas for Aimclear and our clients. Their individual and aggregate capabilities dovetail beautifully with Aimclear’s storied technical and data skills to help shape a powerful framework of integrated marketing disciplines.

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Okay…that was a lot of syllables to say “a kickass integrated marketing machine.”

Susan, Mark, and Joe will join other Aimclear thought leaders on various stages at the Zenith Marketing Conference in Duluth, April 25, sharing their insights with attendees. They are all exceptional content creators and presenters, and we are excited to have this crew of seasoned strategists representing essential marketing disciplines.  

Digital marketing has leapfrogged way beyond critical core strategies and tactics of building audiences, crafting scintillating creative, and driving conversion. Today’s digital is truly holistic marketing, integrating essential distribution elements fueled by deeper data, marketing strategy, fabulous content, and solid PR strategies.

As an industry, we’re FINALLY talking about integrated marketing at its deepest levels. Now we’ve got some extra serious horsepower driving our engine. BOOM!

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