AIMCLEAR EU crew set to work Sept. in Germany: Köln & München here we come!


Autumn looms large at AIMCLEAR meaning whilst Minnesota cools off, our team’s European itinerary heats up. September alone features 28 people-days abroad in Germany. We’re running custom workshops for a favorite travel/hospitality vertical client and immersing in our fourth SEOktoberfest. AIMCLEAR knows Europe from the inside, suitcases loaded with GDPR solutions to help marketers transform EU’s marketing data-cluster-F into a creative advantage. Our European roots and relationships run deep, culminating annually by my judging the EU and UK Search Awards.  The last name is “Weintraub,” just saying.

Köln Hauptbahnhof

We have crucial updates to share. Over the last few months, Facebook targeting has undergone radical changes, culminating with recurrent, deep regressions of psychographic targeting, this year’s latest dramatic loss of organic visibility for businesses, suffocating data rules and other depreciated capabilities. More disruptions are coming. Changes are caused by various factors including privacy laws, crimes, and bad PR for social channels. Unlike America, Europe has essentially codified privacy as a human right, which seriously messed with marketers.  The good news is that truly great marketers barely noticed, seeing GDPR as an advantage.

Others are dealing with confusion, broken targeting concepts, campaigns, invisible custom audience data, paranoid legal departments, and fear of using previously common digital marketing techniques. They are wondering if the same is in store for other channels, how to integrate with search, and are generally left scratching their heads as if to scream, “WHAT do we do next!?”

Railway station in Cologne, Germany

Among our topics of conversation in Köln:

  • Understand what happened in the FB/Analytica debacle.
  • What is left for marketers after GDPR? Using Data Regression as an AdvantageAdapt FB Strategy for Current Channel Strength Strengths.
  • Target Tight Using the Right Deep Data.
  • Imprint KWs Hi-View-Time Vbanners.
  • Navigate new integrations between social, search, and PR.
  • Target Individual Tweople.
  • Use New Tools to Reverse Engineer Competitors’ Conversion Tracking.

Cologne Cathedral, AKA Kölner Dom dominates the skyline of Cologne, Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany. steps from Köln Hauptbahnhof, this magnificent Catholic church is the seat of the Archbishop of Cologne. Cologne Cathedral was designated a World Heritage Site in 1996 and lives as a prominent testimony to German Catholicism and Gothic architecture. Kölner Dom may be Germany’s most visited landmark, attracting an average of 20,000 people a day and currently the tallest twin-spired church 515 ft (157 m) tall. The cathedral withstood fourteen aerial bomb hits during World War II, whilst city of Köln was otherwise flattened.

Cologne Cathedral, AKA Kölner Dom dominates the skyline of Cologne, Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany

Köln is  stunning, thoroughly steeped in the duality of antiquity and post-industrial urban sparkle. We love this German client, being the third consecutive year we’ve produced a custom training for their international marketing group.


After a brief return to America to catch up, we head right back to Germany for the legendary, if not infamous, SEOktoberfest.


Held annually in and around Munich for more than a decade, SEOktoberfest melds a most intensive digital marketing power-conclave with radical German partying. Top marketers, representing some of the most important channels, agencies, and independents on earth gather for a week to shred search and social marketing norms. IMHO, the most important SEO news of 2018 was detailed at SEOktoberfest 2017.

Munich during Oktoberfest is like being on a meat and potatoes party-planet, with the whole city reveling in food, beer, and cultural identity.

Munich during Oktoberfest

Yes, that’s me in lederhosen in the lower right below :). It’s humbling to be with such marketers, among the best in the world.  Below is the group shot from SEOktoberfest VIII. Recognize anyone else? It’s a who’s who of genius SEOs.

SEOktoberfest VIII

Beer gardens are massive, hosting thousands of rowdy, raucous locals and tourists, jamming deep into the Munich night.

SEOktoberfest Friends

There’s not much question as to the objectives at Oktoberfest: consumption and friendship!

Ochsenbraterei Haberl oHG

Mmmmm, Oktoberfest!

The Food of Oktoberfest

And, of course, Spaten, München

Spaten, München

SO, if you’re near Köln or München and would like to connect for a beer or latte, please reach out via social and perhaps we can schedule.

Legs and warmers

AIMCLEAR will be be in Europe yet again in 2018, 6th working trip of the year, to attend the UK Search Awards in London. Stay tuned for more details and safe travels all

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