AIMCLEAR® Facebook Marketing Intensive: Upcoming @ #SMX West

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Facebook Site Clinic- Pages, Groups, Events & Search
From our team, Matt Peterson (@matt_peterson), Manny Rivas (@mannyrivas) and Lauren Litwinka (@beebow… me) will serve up a behind-the-scenes look at ranking factors and visibility hacks to help boost organic prominence in Facebook SERPs.
Specifically, we’ll tackle:
  • Successful uses of FB assets, including Pages, Groups, Events, Apps and how they play out in Facebook Internal Search (FB SEO).
  • Do’s and Don’ts as illustrated by real case studies, from big-brand to small biz.
  • On-the-spot mini-audits and critiques each attendee’s Facebook assets in traditional “site clinic” fashion.
Facebook Marketing Planning
Manny will be joined by AIMCLEAR president Marty Weintraub (@AIMCLEAR) to explore the external benefits of FB, as well as guide attendees through the Ads tool. How many people are there, and what are they interested in? This session will also examine the recent Pages redesign, including newly introduced functionality (like how Pages can now leave mondo-self-promotional-comments interact on other Page’s walls).

Facebook Marketing KPIs
This session will address how to establish realistic Facebook KPIs that span various channels, including public relations (PR), internal (in-Facebook) and external (Google & Bing) search engine optimization, Facebook ads, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and other feeds (aka, your data-driven Facebook marketing plan). Additionally, Manny and Marty will show how to identify Facebook Privacy leaks to support marketing tactics (white hat, of course).

Killer Facebook Ads

One thing’s for sure about Facebook’s pulsing community: they love to talk about themselves. Many of the 500+ mil members self-disclose predilections, and aren’t shy about engaging well crafted, accurately targets FB ads. Marty and Manny will take the stage again to offer a crash course in Facebook Ads, from understanding the platform fundamentals, to advanced campaign management and budget strategies.

Facebook Demographic Research, Full Contact Edition:
Strap on your elbow pads and let your freak-flag fly. This down-and-dirty demographic research session will show how you can leverage the Facebook Ad targeting tool to discover myriad persona segments for any and every marketing campaign. Matt, Manny, and AIMCLEAR‘s ninja-FB-pro Merry Morud (@merrymorud) will dish out buku bite-sized segments, explain and explore social synonyms, and demo AIMCLEAR‘s targeting tools of choice. If nothing else, attendees will walk away inspired to explore outside their targeting comfort zone.

Facebook Competitive Intelligence Research
Sleuth hats mandatory for this module. Attendees will learn deadeye tactics for targeting potential customers as well as amassing deep data on competitors’ most engaged friends. What you do with that data is between you and the Facebook gods. Organic friend making? Aggressive Facebook Ad targeting? Whatever you want. Marty and Manny will be joined by the lovely Lisa Buyer (@lisabuyer) of The Buyer Group to head up this module.

How To Buy Friends For Fun & Profit

Industry pal Will Scott (@W2Scott) will take the stage to share badass case studies and mindblowing CPF (Cost Per Friend 🙂 ). That’s all of the sneak peak you get for now. Heck, that’s the only sneak peak we have, too.

Community Manager Training
The art of non-gratuitous social behavior is not one easily mastered by all. It’s crucial for brands to step away from selling and simply “be” among inner social circles. This session aims to teach that personable pedagogy, as well as methods for streamlining authentic friend making in a time-efficient manner. Matt, Manny, Merry, Lauren and Lisa will lead attendees through different sections of this module, which is as warm and fuzzy as it is calculatingly data-driven.

Reputation Monitoring in Facebook
Matt will wrap up the day with a look at the latest techniques and tools for monitoring brand buzz across Facebook, and ways to keep your name not only intact, but in good light. A must-attend curriculum culmination for sure.
And there you have it! Remember to register ASAP for best rates on your seat at #SMX West and in mama’s kitchen for our Facebook Marketing Intensive workshop. If you do plan to attend, reach out on Twitter and say hi. We don’t bite :) Hope to see you in sunny San Jose!

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