AIMCLEAR To Keynote SES London & Ten Top #SESLON Speakers, Tally Ho!


As always and again this year, Search Engine Watch and ClickZ will host the 14th annual SES London—one of Europe’s leading digital marketing events. Covering up-to-the-minute developments, challenges and opportunities facing the online marketing industry, SES London offers deep intelligence tendered by the some of the world’s foremost authorities on Search, Social Media, Display, Mobile, Email and more. Attendees rave about SES London, year after year.  Don’t wait. There are still a few seats available and time to register now.  This post shares a few thoughts about SES London, a description of my keynote and serves up some of AIMCLEAR‘s favorite #SESLON 2013 speakers. Sound interesting? Read on.

Honored To Keynote SES London
This year I’ll have the pleasure of keynoting Day Three. That’s Thursday, 21 February at 9:15AM.  The subject of my presentation will be “Optimising Humans! The Art of Data-Driven Social Marketing.”  I’ll talk about methods to expand your social media strategy whilst focusing straight away on immediately actionable paid and organic social tactics. We’ll have a good chat about developing audiences with psychographic research followed by data-driven organic community outreach and paid-organic amplification.

  • Learn techniques you can actually use every day for mapping search to social. Discover how to identify socially plugged-in authority users along classic lines of search conversion semantics history.
  • Explore organic and paid social mashup tactics to leverage the data.
  • Open your mind about how retargeting and third party audience modeling matters to community managers and content marketing.
  • Investigate data-driven friending tactics: Cool perspective shifts regarding how community managers (and everyday people) can undertake programmatic outreach to connect with personal & business authority users and collect them as friends for fun and profit.
  • Probe killer social media paid tactics to target the “whole user” in social channels.
  • Open your mind about how retargeting and third party audience modeling matters to community managers and content marketing.
  • Consider new KPIs for measuring social media efforts, including “friend leads” and conversion
  • Anything I feel like talking about 🙂

Much of the keynote content will be culled from my new Wiley/Sybex book, “The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide.” Cowritten with long time AIMCLEARian Lauren Litwinka, our latest effort was released just last week. It follows my 2011 book “Killer Facebook Ads.”  The Facebook UI has changed but the KPI theory, targeting grid and creative principles put forward in KFB are timeless.


Register now for SES London!

SES London

OMG, The Speakers
The SES London speaking lineup is amazing, sporting more than 70 thought leaders from all over the world sharing what really matters.  As you’re working through the agenda to decide what sessions to attend, AIMCLEAR recommends you check out the following speakers. Any sessions you choose, with these gals and guys holding down the panels, are going to be worthy.

Cindy Krum, Chief Executive Officer, MobileMoxie LLC @suzzicks
Cindy always brings it and truly wrote the book on mobile marketing.   A dear AIMCLEAR friend, I would not miss her speak.

Greg Jarboe, President & Co-founder, SEO-PR @gregjarboe
Greg was YouTube a long time before YouTube was cool. He’s a foundational speaker who’s been in the industry for the better part of 20 years.  More importantly he’s a great all around marketer.


Bill Hunt. SES Advisory Board; President, Back Azimuth Consulting @billhunt
Bill is one of THE original international online marketing geniuses and an all around shrewd fellow. I love what he’s doing with personas and adapting new technologies.

Bill Hunt & Author

Eric Enge, President, Stone Temple Consulting @stonetemple
Eric is a great marketer, especially strong at understanding how the link universe works.  Personable and sharp, his sessions are always solid.

Dax Hamman, Chief Revenue Officer, Chango @daxhamman
Dax is a new friend and was into retargeting before most people had even heard about it.  He’s got brilliant perspective on what roles will be played by what sectors of the industry. If you’re worried about remaining relevant, see Dax’s sessions.

Simon Heseltine, Director of SEO, AOL Inc. @simonheseltine
Simon has also been on the circuit for years. I think I met him in 2006.  He’s always as current as current can be and a damn nice fellow. See him speak. Chat with him over coffee.

Krista Neher, CEO, Boot Camp Digital @kristaneher
Krista’s an American up and comer. She’s fresh, well versed, deep, personable and understands the online marketing needs of SMBs in a big way.

Krista Neher
Krista Neher & Author

Lee Odden, Author: SES Advisory Board; CEO, TopRank Online Marketing @leeodden: Don’t miss Lee Odden’s sessions, especially as surrounding content, blogging, promotion and SEO.   He’s a foundational SEO blogger and extremely approachable. I admit that many years ago, he was the first person I ever heard say the world, “WordPress.”

Bas van den Beld, Marketing/Search Strategist, Founder, Stateofsearch @basvandenbeld: Bas is a hot, hot, hot speaker. Repeated winner of the International Search Summit Medallion, he delights audiences around the world with his perspectives.  He calls it like it is in understandable terms.

London Guard

David Naylor, SEO, Bronco @davenaylor: Naylor is another original SEO blogger. His tone is concise, a percentage snarky and spot-on. He’s never been afraid to mingle tactics and editorial.  I see him speak whenever I can and leave with something to think about I did not consider before.

View of London

London is fantastico in February and it’ll be plenty warm inside. Register now for SES London and let’s have a spot of tea between sessions. Cheerio and Tally Ho! See ya’ next week!

English tea

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