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Narrowcasting, Kitchen-Sink ID3, End to End Podcast & Audio Search Optimization!

Did you know that you can shove the entire transcript of a podcast into the ID3 tag of a media file? Need an immediate full-contact tutorial on podcast production and SEO? These and other powerful tools were divulged in Podcast & Audio Search Optimization during Search Engine Strategies New York. On a whim I ducked […]

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This Is My Brain On SES…

Well Search Engine Strategies New York 2008 is over, and it’s been amazing! My brain started getting full about Tuesday afternoon, but I keep stuffing information into it! I’ve ended up pushing out some childhood memories to make room, but hopefully they were of grade school multiplication drills or something like that. I’ve compiled a […]

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Blogging Boogeyman: WHAT Is Social Media Good for? PART 2

Are you afraid of bloggers? Sleep with the light on? You’ll find reasons to sleep above the covers after you read the next installment of Social Media: What Is It and What Is It Good For? from Search Engine Strategies New York. (Read part One). Jory Des Jardins, Co-Founder & President of Strategic Alliances at […]

By on March 20th, 2008

WHAT is Social Media Marketing Good For Anyway? Part One

Whether you embrace it or not, social media is here to stay and affects your brand. Social media marketing must be part of your overall marketing effort. Ignore the blogosphere at your peril. Moderator Pauline Ores, SES Advisory Board and Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media Engagement, General Business, IBM, began the seminar by stating that […]

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Cookies, Milk & Kramer Part 2: Converting Visitors To Buyers @ SES

This is part 2 in a series detailing the wonderful and overly full seminar, Converting Visitors to Buyers at Search Engine Strategies New York. (Read part One). The third speaker was Michael Sack, Director, SEM technology & Development, Idearc Media Corp. I feel personally involved with this presentation because I “fixed” it for him on […]

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Cookies, Milk & Kramer: Converting Visitors Into Buyers @ SES

Whoosh! The Converting Visitors Into Buyers seminar at Search Engine Strategies New York felt like a whole day chock full of my daily dose of conversions! This seminar was moderated by Aaron Shear, Search Engine Watch Expert and Partner, Boost Search Marketing. The speakers were: Mike Moran, Distinguished Engineer, IBM ,Nigel Ravenhill, Program Manager, McAfee, […]

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Happy Birthday Google Website Optimizer! What’s New With You?

Google Website Optimizer just celebrated its 1st birthday this week. Tom Leung, Business Product Manager for GWS presented What’s New With Google Website Optimizer today at Search Engine Strategies New York. This amazing FREE service lets users test different versions of their site and plays nicely with Google Analytics (also FREE) to tell them how […]

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Expect Barking Cats? Customers Redefined

It’s Monday March 17, (I forgot to wear green!) and I’m excited to be covering the first seminar of the day at Search Engine Strategies New York, Redefining The Customer, presented by Jeffrey Eisenberg (subbing for brother Bryan who is here but down with “the crud.”) Bryan and Jeffrey are co-authors of Waiting For Your […]

By on March 18th, 2008

Critical Context in Analytic Data: Captain Kirk, Mortality Rates & Red Shirts

Matt Bailey, in his lively Search Engine Strategies presentation, “Analytics: Data Into Action,” explained the importance of context in analytic data using the analogy of calculating the mortality rate of the “red-shirts” on Star Trek. This session was moderated by Kevin Ryan, Vice President, Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch. Analytics […]

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