Does Yahoo Filter SERPs for Social Media Criticizing Yahoo?

Are Yahoo organic search results honest when it comes to social media criticizing Yahoo? We’ll ask the question in SERP screen captures.

On April 5th we posted an article critical of Yahoo Small Business Hosting to the Search Engine Watch Forum (Alexa 1342 with significant page rank). The post was in regard to a difficult domain registrar situation AIMCLEAR was experiencing.  Within a week the post attained the organic #3 result in Google for the keyphrase “Yahoo Small Business Hosting.” The post is not indexed in Yahoo’s top 100 results. Here is a screen capture of today’s Google SERP. Yes, we’ve turned Google personalized search OFF.Google-SERP

In contrast here is today’s SERP on Yahoo for “Yahoo Small Business Hosting.” The SEW post does not appear anywhere on the first page. In fact the SEW post does not appear in the first 100 organic search results. Where is it?Yahoo-SERP

This is a significant difference between Yahoo and Google’s SERPs for the keyphrase. I suppose we can chalk it up to differences between the Google and Yahoo algorithms. Given Yahoo’s support for the evolution of social media, today’s algorithmic differences in the SERPs for “Yahoo Small Business Hosting” are a surprise.

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