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Last month, in a post titled, “Revealed: Which Video Platforms Get Results in Universal SERPs” we shared  the first half of our video SEO study. In it we detailed findings as regard the video sources that comprise Google and Bing Universal organic SERPs.  We promised to release the second half of the study today, in the form of a white paper.

In the white paper, available for download below, we detail additional findings, which study the breakout of query intent types which tend to return video in Google and Bing mainline SERPs.  The results are fascinating to say the least.  Basically, optimizing video tags and copy, using keywords that hold  appropriate intent, gives the video a much better shot at ranking in Universal SERPs.

We’re asking for basic contact information from users who download the white paper. That’s out of curiosity only. We promise not to spam you or otherwise share your contact information. We spent a lot of time on the study and only want to know who we’re sharing it with. We give the data unconditionally to our community.   One note: there are values, as regard Google video templates, that read zero.  The zero designations are because we rounded off to the nearest one.

Thanks  for your interest in our AIMCLEAR® Video in Universal SERPs White Paper and we hope you find it beneficial. Not withstanding the legal mumbo jumbo, please feel free to paraphrase the findings with attribution in blog posts, etc… I’d like to send a special shout out to Manny Rivas who conducted this study, leading the AIMCLEAR team.

Creative Commons LicenseAIMCLEAR® Video SEO Whitepaper is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.

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