Lose the Jargon, Gain a Customer: The Duane Forrester #SMX West Interview

Last week at SMX, AIMCLEAR caught up with Duane Forrester, a Senior Product Manager who runs the Bing Webmaster Program. Stepping out of the search marketing bubble and putting on his consumer hat is how Duane keeps his focus running Microsoft’s search engine day in and day out. “You have to make sure you are truly at their [consumers] level” by getting out of the industry jargon we are so accustomed to so when someone has a basic question, you can earn their business by giving them enough information to know what to ask. He says we should make potential customers think, “I trust you and I want to do business with you.”

Duane experienced this as a consumer when he bought a hammock for his motorcycle camping trips. Overwhelmed by the information he found, Duane said it took two months to immerse himself in the online language of hammocks before he even felt comfortable making a purchase.

Hear how one company finally earned his business through personal engagement and how another company’s staggering response cost them a sale and forever clouded his impression in his full interview with AIMCLEAR‘s Manny Rivas.


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