Pubcon Pro Las Vegas 2019

October 7, 2019
Las Vegas, NV

If you’re at Pubcon Pro in Las Vegas this year, you’ll have to try to miss AIMCLEAR. Or don’t, because you’ll miss out on some valuable learning opportunities.

Marty Weintraub, Susan Wenograd, Michelle Robbins and Mark Traphagen will bring their wide array of knowledge to the Pubcon stages in 2019, with nine sessions, including a keynote, two main stage presentations, and several panels (as well as our super popular all-day workshop).

Pubcon Pro is October 7-10 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Register for Pubcon

Headshots of the four <em>AIMCLEAR</em> speakers at Pubcon 2019

Here’s where to see and hear AIMCLEAR presenters at Pubcon:

Pubcon Masters Group Workshop–Facebook¬† and Social Media Advertising
Marty Weintraub and Susan Wenograd will get you up-to-date and ahead of the pack with all the social media advertising changes that happened this year, as many looming on the horizon. Stop scratching your head about what to do now and learn the techniques and insider secrets that will make you an advertising genius. More info (pre-registration for workshops required)

Keynote–ART: Automation, Reputation & Transformation – The Future is Now
In her keynote, Michelle Robbins, AIMCLEAR VP of Product Innovation, will discuss the three pillars of this ongoing evolution automation, reputation, and transformation and how understanding these elements enable digital marketers to navigate the constantly shifting landscape. And most importantly, how adopting a framework incorporating each pillar, enables marketers to successfully adapt and conquer. More info

Main Stage–Facebook Advertising 2019 – What’s New?
Our founder, Marty Weintraub, will make you the smartest person in your marketing war room with in depth insights into the rollercoaster changes in Facebook ads this past year. This is no nostalgic look at the past; you’ll come away with dozens of actionable how-tos that will take you into 2020 on top. More info

Main Stage–20/20 in 2020: Digital Marketing with Clarity
Learn from our CMO, Susan Wenograd, how to think about your digital marketing, both within the platform ecosystems and in larger ways with other disciplines. Leave with new ideas and perspectives on how to better plan budgets against truth north-star company initiatives, and leverage work already happening to further accelerate their results. More info

Site Reviews: Focus on Social
Marty Weintraub will be on this panel of experts from all aspects of social media marketing, ready to do live reviews of audience members’ sites. Even if your site isn’t reviewed, you’ll learn plenty watching how Marty and crew approach social media for all types of websites. More info

Social Media Influencers and Content Endorsement
Our VP of Content Strategy, Mark Traphagen, will help you explore what actually influences users, how to determine what your audience needs, how to determine ROI, and how to get the most out of your campaigns. Discover tips for working with influencers, legal issues, and how to get a real endorsement. More info

Facebook Analytics
Susan Wenograd (with Marty Weintraub moderating) will be on this panel teaching you how to tease out the nuances of Facebook Analytics to get your attribution right and measure real ROI from your campaigns. More info

Low Cost – High Impact – Facebook Ads
Creating Facebook Ads that meet goals and results in a ROI is not easy, but also not impossible.
Marty Weintraub will teach you some of the common fails that result in wasted money by studying examples of successes and failures. Discover the proper ways of reaching the audience you need. More info

Site Reviews: Open Call
Susan Wenograd and a panel of other experts experts will examine whatever issues you have in this live site review session. Bring your business card to the moderator or any panelist at the beginning of the session to have your site or strategies reviewed, or simply watch and learn as panelists examine PPC techniques and answer questions. More info

AMA Panel – Running an SMB Agency
Marty Weintraub will be on this panel of seasoned marketing agency veterans sharing their battle scars, victories, and all the experiences that make up the small agency experience. If you run an agency, or aspire to one day, you won’t want to miss these insights. More info