Social Fresh 2019

November 14, 2019
Orlando, FL

Create Facebook & Instagram Ads that Deliver in 2020

Headshot of Susan Wenograd, CMO of <em>AIMCLEAR</em> MarketingAd costs have skyrocketed, inventory has dwindled, and bottom of funnel selling is a standing-room-only boxing match. How do advertisers and brands stay relevant in a competitive and quickly changing social advertising landscape that will keep evolving in 2020?

Break out your crystal ball and check in with the future to lay your groundwork for success heading into next year. AIMCLEAR‘s CMO, Susan Wenograd, will show you the ad placements you must master NOW to win next year, why some oldies are still goodies, utilizing the tools within the platforms to master your strategies, and how to use low cost/high touch campaigns to drive brand awareness in a measurable way.

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