Ungagged LA 2019

November 5, 2019
Los Angelos, CA

Headshot of Marty WeintraubAIMCLEAR founder Marty Weintraub will teach a session and conduct his Saturday Master Class Making Money with Paid Social, SRSLY! at Ungagged LA 2019 in Los Angeles, November 7-9, 2019.

Also at Ungagged LA will be our VP of Product Innovation, Michelle Robbins, moderating the search engine keynote and search engines panels.

Marty’s Workshop Description:

With neutered targeting, suffocating data privacy restrictions, poor ROI, and complex ad units, paid social has evolved into a totally different animal, leaving many marketers frustrated.

Determining social’s place in the marketing mix is not for the faint of heart.  GRRRR!

Marty will share commonalities among winning case studies. Drawing on mind-farking case studies and the table of contents for Marty’s soon-to-be-released book, “AIMCLEAR® Integrated Marketing System,” he will share oft lucrative best practices for this generation of integrated social marketers.

Marty’s Main Conference Session: Sell More! 17 Integrated Marketing NEW Be$t Practices to Test

The integrated marketing space has evolved from essentially non-existent years ago to required. As a judge in the European and UK Search Awards for 5+ years, Marty has observed hundreds case studies move from single-channel silos to almost universally integrated programs, cutting across search, social, programmatic, retargeting, data, brick and common sense.

This session will provide attendees with a powerful checklist of integrated tests to run, many of which yield tasty marketing fruit. Marty will challenge you to let go of siloed perceptions for the win. Learn to field a unified strategy, each component fused to a desired outcome, comprising NEW best practices.

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