Facebook GEO Targeting is ‘Where It’s At’: Psychographic Targeting Hot House

Two turn tables and a microphone. Baby.

Recently on #SocialChat… our good friend Akvile Harlow stopped by and sparked a targeting idea for this edition of Targeting Hot House. Today we’ll dive into Facebook’s new geo pin targeting!


Facebook’s Drop Pin geo targeting feature is pretty new. We saw it roll into our accounts around the time of the new Ads Manager and Power Editor.



Whether your restaurant off the dock has the best lobster rolls on Lake Minnetonka….


But that’s EVERYONE – let’s just shoot for the travelers in the area right now who have NO clue they’re so close to shellfish heaven.


Or, maybe you’re taking your carnitas tacos and PB&J wontons on the road in a food truck around Lake Mead.


Now, let’s think BIGGER. Filter with other qualifying variables to sell water sporting equipment to homeowners around Lake Tahoe who’ve got some dough!

Boats! Wave Runners! Jetpacks! Oh, my!



Happy targeting! -MM

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