Facebook Military & Congressional Gays Who Do Ask & Tell

Facebook American Military employees openly disclose sexuality to advertisers. So do United States Congressional employees.

Many folks, on both sides of the “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” debate, most likely feel strongly in light of today’s Senate decision a step towards repealing the long-controversial American Military policy on homosexuals.  We’ve been tracking the conversation in Facebook. Is anybody surprised that American military employees already share their sexuality on Facebook, openly enough for Facebook Ads to categorize them as same-sex oriented on the Facebook social graph. Advertisers can easily target them. Let’s have a look.

First, here’s a nice sampling of American military employees. There are 327,500 men who like woman.  These folks work at United States Marine Corps, United States Nay, United States Coast Guard, United States Army, United States Air Force, Marine Corps Recruiting Command, US Army Corps of Engineers, United States Coast Guard,  or United States Navel Research.

1,180 men employees of the same organizations like men. The ratio of self reporting heterosexual Vs. Gay is a little above 1/3 of 1%.

61,820, woman prefer men.

The 3,280 woman who like woman represent 5.3%.  A much higher percentage of FB woman in the military are out on Facebook.

How About Congress?
There are 2,680 male Facebook users, over 18 who live in the United States, work at Congressional Budget Office, United States Congress, Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus, PA House of Rep, Democratic Caucus or Illinois House Republicans Caucus, and who are interested in women…apparently heterosexual. 5.2% of that total prefer men.

Facebook demographic targeting in the create-an-ad tool, is important post its immediate use for creating Facebook Ads.  Because FB’s user base has become such a massive sampling, it’s become possible study our culture, tendencies, interests, cliques, and other institutions. Try using it to analyze political and social issues of the day.

This post does not take any position on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and does not necessarily represent the views of AIMCLEAR LLC, it’s employees or owners.

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