Does Google Hate SEO? This Ominous Data Is All You Need To Know

A screencap of SpuFu data showing marketers are competing against Google bought ads.

There’s been a lot of hubbub over the years as to whether Google respects SEO, AKA search engine optimization. Whilst researching keywords and advertisers using SpyFu, we discovered Google’s internal PPC spend paces at millions per year, buying SEO themed keywords…peddling AdWords PPC. Ouch!

Spyfu PPC data

Google markets AdWords to a disturbing set of SEO-related keywords, including “SEO Minnesota,”  “Top SEO companies,” “WordPress SEO” and “SEO tools.” OK then…

SEO Minnesota search terms within SpyFu

Who knows the interdepartmental accounting undertaken to actualize the SEO keyword spend, the equivalent of over $1.5 million USD last month. We wonder what the quality score is tendering Ads about AdWords for SEO KWs?

Ads about AdWords for SEO KWs

Does Google’s AdWords marketing to SEO keywords clog up paid SERPs (now sans right sidebar) and drive up spend? It’s hard to say for sure. What IS certain is that Google’s presence in the paid SERPs dwarfs nearest competitors. We’re wondering if/how Google’s strategy affects costs in the auction.

Google's presence in the paid SERPs dwarfs nearest competitors

Google also markets to “search engine optimization” keywords using AdWords, again…hawking AdWords. Ewwww.

Google's ads marketed to "search engine optimization" keywords

Here are a few harrowing keyword examples.

SEO keyword examples

We wonder how many marketers seeking “search engine optimization Denver” or “organic search engine optimization” take the bait..only to learn that real Google-sanctioned SEO is… ADWORDS!

More keyword examples

Google’s steady in the amount of AdWords “purchased,” or however it works.

Google's steady in the amount of AdWords "purchased,"

If there are any questions as to Google’s respect for SEO and organic marketers, this ominous fact is all you need to know. Thanks to our friends at SpyFu.

scary red monster

Image credit: Nikulina Tatiana/

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