I Wanna’ Freaking Dance! PubCon 2009 Day 1


Ah PubCon, jewel of the Nevada desert.  The sun has barely risen here but I’ve been up for hours working,  thinking, tripping about the amazingly massive search marketing day ahead. 

Dude the energy here is unreal. Here IS the obligatory true-must-attend conferences of the year thing…so powerful and fully authentic.   Yeah, these are the post-bbs-nerds who took over the world. In a minute I’ll be pycho-trawling the eye candy people-watching Hilton halls. I’ve got my PubCon 09′ playlist cranking in noise canceling headsets. Dude, I feel like dancing.

Here’s where you’ll find AIMCLEAR today speaking, hanging, live-blogging for SEORoundTable and then (maybe) hitting the strip for some R&R later.

The conference is sequenced on “Tracks,” which are a bit different each day.


Tony Hsieh’s Nevada-based Zappos is known for its fanatical devotion to customers, recently received a letter-of-intent from Amazon for a $900 million + Aquision. They recently exceeded $1 billion in annual sales. I’ll be at the keynote wearing bells.


There are several cool options during the 10:00AM time slot but I’ve got to go see our buddies for the Interactive Site Reviews: Open Call. David Szetela, Bruce Clay, Jill Whalen, Tim Ash, among the biggest names in Search Engine Marketing are ready to review your site and rock the house.


In the 11:30AM timeslot, I’ll head over the Advanced 411: Affiliate Networks and CPAs for a healthy does of affiliate geek speak. Really these folks are the best at monetizing websites. Real SEOs don’t need clients 🙂 . The session features Stephanie Lichtenstein, Paul Schroader  and Moderator:Lisa Riolo.


At 1:30 it’s my turn up for the Keyword Research, Selection and Optimization session which will also feature our friends Stoney deGeyter, Ken Jurina, Moderator:Stephanie Leffler, and Q&A:Aaron Shear.


Then it’s time to get my hands dirty (true) live blogging the Enterprise-Level Bid Management featuring Dave Roth, Kevin Lee, Daniel Boberg, Wister Walcott. The Moderator is Kate Morris and Q&A:Jessie Stricchiola. Ad text, bidding, budgeting, targeting, positioning: Let’s talk about great structure on the massive tip.


Last but NOT least, we plan on attending The Best Tactics in Landing Page Optimization. Really folks, Tim Ash, Brad Geddes, Kate Morris and Joanna Lord are among the very best when it comes to rocking PPC. The Moderator:Ken Jurina.


Then  Come the Legendary PubCon Parties!
Check out The Ironman Pu

SEOmoz Wynn WereWolf Party,
Wynn Las Vegas

Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino


Vegas Lavo Nightclub

The Palazzo and PubCon host a lavish after-hours party at the luxurious Lavo Nightclub at The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino.


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