iGoogle is Here!

Welcome to your shiny new personalized Google homepage. Depending on one’s perspective this is somewhere between interesting and earth shaking.

Last night while logged into Gmail account from an IP address in Duluth, Minnesota, I was greeted by iGoogle (the new and much ballyhooed personalized Gogle homepage) for the first time. Yippy Skippy iGoogle is here! (Well I’m kind of  excited…personalized search promises to improve SERPs and is an interesting kettle of fish for SEO.


Google has officially renamed the personalized homepage “iGoogle” and it is now showing up in in 26 languages and in more than 40 countries. iGoogle custom “themes”  are deploying internationally and Google has also introduced Gadget Maker on the iGoogle page. Here’s Google’s official post.

In coming writings we’ll discuss the various ways to personalize iGoogle which include displaying RSS feeds and other content. Of course iGoogle also returns personalized search results which have been much discussed to date. You will note that the “classic” Google option is available in the upper right hand corner. Remember, right now iGoogle only shows up when you are logged in to a Google service. Stay tuned…

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