Launch a Holistic Video Campaign with Manny Rivas! A Preview from @MnSearch


MnSearch, or the Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association, is foundational in leading the charge to advance search skills among online marketers in the state. When Manny Rivas, AIMCLEAR Online Advertising Director, was asked to speak at a local event earlier this year, he jumped at the opportunity to share his expertise on Video Strategy and Launching a Holistic Campaign.

Without further ado, let’s jump into an overview of what MnSearch attendees had the opportunity to learn.

What’s All the Fuss About Content?

Content is the center of everything, and it’s the tie that binds us. When starting out on any video campaign, it’s important to first ask yourself two questions.

  1. Who is the audience?
  2. Why do they care?

Content, no matter in what form it is received, must demystify, serve and remove barriers for our audience. Determining your goals at the onset of a campaign is so often overlooked, but it is an integral step in the process for a successful video campaign. Clearly defining your goals allows you to measure them to determine when your campaign is a success.

Content needs to convert. Period. It can be done with video. We need to guide users to the KPI funnel in an attributable way we can track.

So, How Do You Win With Video?

  1. Have great content. Inventory what you have and repurpose it into a new type of content. If it’s a blog post, turn it into an infographic, etc. Share the story only your business can tell.
  2. Target audience. Identify your audience, observe and engage. Make friends with them first and then share your content. They will champion your content if you put in the effort first.
  3. Connected user base. This ties into your audience. Spread your content throughout the web. Share it via social with everyone you know, amplify it, repurpose it, and spread the word.
  4. Optimization for discoverabilty. Mine for attainable keywords and optimize your content to be found when someone searches for your target.
  5. Budget to seed engagement. YouTube is very powerful. You would be missing out if you didn’t test YouTube TrueView ads to sell.

With that, we leave you with a chance to see Manny in action. Get some some popcorn, sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.


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