Mississippi River Bridge Disaster Unfolds Just Blocks Away from AIMCLEAR Office.

Our hearts and prayers go out to victims and their families of the I35W bridge collapse tragedy which took place at 6:15 this evening. A number of our clients, strategic partners, and vendors work and/or live in close proximity to the freeway span over the river, which is now completely gone. It is a devastating scene. There were as many as 50 cars in the water including a school bus carrying 60 children. CNN is reporting that all of the kids on the bus survived.

The disaster site is literally blocks from AIMCLEAR‘s Minneapolis office. I cross the 40 year old bridge, which was undergoing renovation, multiple times each day when working in the Twin Cities. Our good friend Zac Good (Brave New Media) crossed the doomed span within minutes of the tragic event.

We are hopeful that the coming hours will not bring difficult news regarding the well-being of our loved ones, friends, associates, coworkers, and clients. We grieve the pain and loss of our fellow Minnesotans.

Minneapolis Star and Tribune: 50 vehicles dumped; at least 6 dead
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