Mobile App Marketing: How To Attract & Keep Customers Engaged [E-book]

Developing a mobile app that’s useful and fills a void in the marketplace is only half the battle. Marketing the app to gain — and retain — users can make the difference between sink or swim, which is why it’s vital in the overall business strategy.

Wondering where to start? A comprehensive marketing strategy incorporates components that generate awareness and drive downloads of the app via organic and paid means. It also establishes retention tactics as well as an ongoing measurement methodology. All this needs to be in place before the app store debut. Here’s a quick look at elements to consider before hitting the market:

Know your way around the app store. Like search engine optimization (SEO), ranking near the top of the app results is crucial for visibility. Yet competing with other mobile apps and brands can be challenging, which is why it’s worth doing a little legwork. A few simple tips, including choosing a title that’s relevant to your product and selecting the right descriptive keywords based on competitive research, can go a long way.

Hang a hook for engagement. App store optimization (ASO) isn’t the only component available to attract users. Utilizing Facebook advertising can increase awareness and provide opportunities to discover qualified audiences. Testing copy, images and value propositions against various audiences can help you hone in on the sweet spot of creative and targeting that attracts and converts users.

What does success look like? Identify key performance indicators and stick to measurable monitoring methods. In the world of mobile apps, real-time measurement is valuable for making business decisions. Consider metrics like user engagement in social channels, length of time spent in the app and bounce rates. These and many more indicators will provide information that will allow you to shift strategies and ensure the best possible experience for customers.

Retention, retention, retention. Plenty of effort goes into attracting mobile app users, but that’s only half the battle. User loyalty wanes if an app doesn’t meet expectations or if the experience seems disingenuous. Rather than jump the gun on go-to-market timelines, take the time to ensure the app won’t get ditched shortly after download. Developing a strategy that includes relationship-building elements, like location-based notifications that speak to the type of user utilizing the app, can go a long way. After all, there are a lot of apps out there — stand out from the crowd without creeping out the user.

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