News You Need: May 8th

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Welcome to AIMCLEAR‘s weekly “News You Need” for the week of May 8th! Every week we wrap up the most interesting digital marketing news we come across to keep you in-the-know of the rapidly-evolving online world.

Here’s what’s on tap from this week:

Google’s Rising Retail Categories Tool

In the midst of retail swings during Coronavirus, Google has released a tool called Rising Retail Categories. Top trending categories are listed with their percentage increase, and each one can be clicked for users to see a breakdown of the queries driving the growth.

google's rising retail

Have a look and play around with it to get some insights here.

Publishers Seek Stable Revenue


Digiday has a great piece summarizing the current landscape and paint points of publishers. It speaks to the hesitancy of unproven ad tech platforms and the need for constantly evolving content types to continue supporting ad inventory.

Google Rolled Out a Core Update

Cue the site owner hysteria, a Core Update from Google rolled out this week!


While its impact will be discovered over time, there are early indicators of what was affected. You can read a summary of the initial look here.

Google Smart Shopping Beta Testing New Conversion Type

In Google’s continued quest to automate all the thingz, they have added a new beta to their Smart Shopping campaigns.

The new conversion type focuses on acquiring new customers and integrating their value for more accurate bidding and return information. You can read my write up on the details right here.

Facebook Names Oversight Committee

Facebook has created an Oversight Board in an attempt to have a larger governing body tapped into ad appeals and the constant treadmill of emerging policy updates and changes.

40 members. On a platform with over 2b users, what could go wrong.


YouTube Making Moves in Connected TV Ads

No doubt fueled by the insane growth in consumption demand while we’re mostly stuck at home, YouTube is bringing additional ad formats to TV screens. Both brand lift and skippable ads will be rolling out to TV screen interfaces for the YouTube app and on YouTube TV by Q3.


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