News You Need: Week of May 11th, 2020

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Welcome to News You Need, highlighting the stories from last week that caught our eye!

Should we Stop the Covid Convos?

Advertisers have gone through a few phases during Covid. The first one was: “Should we even be advertising?”

The second phase was, “Ok, we should, but we need to acknowledge what’s going on.”

Over the past week or so, advertising language has started to back off that messaging, focusing more on “moving forward” with acknowledgements to the “new normal.”

Pinterest shared data last week showing that users are feeling that vibe, too. Trends are showing that searches for travel, summertime and other non-pandemic lifestyle interests are picking up steam.

Pinterest trend data
Image courtesy of Pinterest


Google Continues SMB Support

Google has continued to roll out features quickly to support local businesses during the pandemic that might be struggling through this time period.


Last week, they added two new features:

  1. Google My Business now has a feature where businesses can link to their site that will take users to a page for gift card purchases or donations. And if they don’t have that page? They can sign with one of Google’s partners.
  2. Google Ads now has a beta test going for “curbside pickup” call-outs for businesses that run Google Shopping and feature Local Inventory.

Curb that Conference Crave with LinkedIn Virtual Events

LinkedIn has announced a new product called Virtual Events, and even published a whole playbook on how to do them. The offering combines two of their current features, LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events. You can check out the deets on that and their release of the polling feature here.

Facebook Grabs Giphy

Facebook bought the gif-focused website Giphy – what does that mean for other platforms and users in the future?


Check out the analysis of this bold move.

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