On Giving Thanks, Reflections, Duluth & Mumbai

Happy Thanksgiving morning from snowy Duluth, Minnesota.  Greetings to our search marketing friends.

The sun is barely risen, looming golden on the distant Lake Superior horizon. Steam wafts off the harbor, for temperature differential between warm water and frigid air. The contrast is stark and representative of our world, terribly conflicted in awesome beauty and terror.

Things are so very different in Mumbai this morning and we pray for our human brethren. Gratitude should be easy to come by readers. As of now 101 are dead and 314 wounded in India, lives snuffed out prematurely in horrible fireballs and cacophonous gunfire.

Gratitude, Contrast & Thanksgiving
This morning my children sleep in blessed peace and will awaken to feasting, the circle of love and family. Meanwhile all over the world, families grieve the inconceivable loss of precious loved ones. Somehow I am safe and warm, cloistered in our Northern Minnesota outpost city. Yet on every continent, bloody confrontations destroy entire generations of human lineage, one person at a time.

Thank you for the gift of relative peace here, on this traditional day of  family and banquets. Godspeed to those around the world who know not the serenity we treasure. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, from the entire AIMCLEAR family.

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