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Welcome to this week’s Social Marketing Cluster Facts! Every week we dig into the social media marketing news scene and uncover the goods. What’s up this week?

Pinterest connects you with customers, Facebook swaps face, and LinkedIn CEO lifts employee morales.

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Pinterest will now allow brands to upload customer email lists to target ads to the 100 million people who use Pinterest each month.

It will match your email address list against the email addresses attached to users’ accounts without exposing the raw personally identifiable info.

Pinterest is also beefing up the number of interests an advertiser can target from 30 to 420!

That’s a 1,300% increase in the number of interest targets.

As an example of how Pinterest is allowing you to get more specific, In the past you could target a category such as, “mens fashion” and now you can pinpoint down to, “men’s shoes.”

Facebook has acquired the upstart video filter app MSQRD.

MSQRD was made popular by its face-swapping ability and several other fun fantastical selfie video filters.

Many view this as another attempt by Facebook to dip into Snapchat’s user base.

We’re unsure of the price Facebook paid for MSQRD, but hopefully it’s enough to buy a vowel.

A Facebook executive was jailed in Brazil for refusing to hand over information from the Facebook owned WhatsApp.

Brazilian authorities said Facebook wasn’t cooperating with investigations, but the executive claims there is no data to hand over because of the way WhatsApp encrypts its information.

Facebook is handing out 396 million dollars over the next 3 years to its UK staff. The bonuses are being handed out in order to avoid British taxes. On average, that means each employee will be getting 1.1 million dollars. Where do I apply?
4chan founder, Chris Poole, announced he is joining the Google+ team.

“I can’t wait to contribute my own experience from a dozen years of building online communities,” he wrote, “and to begin the next chapter of my career at such an incredible company.”

Although, some people are worried about 4chan’s seedy content invading Google+, Google assured users Plus won’t be the home of dick pics, weiner pics.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is playing nice.

He announced he’s donating his $14 million stock bonus to LinkedIn employees.

The move comes after LinkedIn saw its stock value plunge, eliminating $11 billion of its market value.

Pior to the plunge, Weiner gave employees a bit of a morale boosting speech.

Many see his most recent move as an attempt to put his money where his mouth is… oh, and to encourage employees to stick it through, rather than jump ship to a greener Silicon Valley pasture.

Snapchat changed its default font this past week, and as you can imagine, Twitter exploded. I would like to share just some of these Tweets with you in a segment I’m calling, “Ugh. Seriously? Come on!”
@sarahanernaner5 asked, “Really snapchat? A whole update just so you could switch to a more sans-serif font?”
@jazzphase feels, “the new snapchat font is a little bit disgusting and by “a little bit disgusting” i mean it’s so disgusting that i want to vomit everywhere”
And finally, @Amrita_x_ asked, “What is this ugly font on snapchat?” – Good question. The font is called Avenir. And to answer @sarahnernerwhatever5… It’s not a MORE sans-serif font. Helvetica was already sans-serif. You can’t get more sans-serif. That’s not a thing. Stop trying to make it a thing.
However, some users had more positive reactions. @alexplutzer said, “Snapchat finally updated the font… I like it” – I like you Alex Plutzer.
Pinterest lets brands target ads to people in their customer databases, @petersontee, Marketing Land

Facebook buys Masquerade, whose app lets you ‘face swap’, @jguynn, USA Today

Facebook to Cut Tax Bill by Paying $1M Bonuses to U.K. Staffers, @lbayly_nbc, NBC News

4Chan Founder Chris Poole Is Joining Google, @mhbergen, Recode



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