Posted on October 13th, 2008


Tune in to and hear yesterday’s interview. David Szetela and I described a reputation management crises we handled for a client together, that tallied 32 million targeted “emergency PR” Google pay per click impressions for less than 4K.

We had a client with a bad “problem-word.” The nasty verbiage also existed in annoying permutations like “problem-word” + DirectBrandName. Mission one was to serve the public with timely information. There were thousands of news articles in the SERPs, ranging from major sources to po-dung radio station sites.

We helped our client stave off predatory attorneys and the tactic delivered with laser-beam-like precision at an extremely low cost, using “negative calls to action” and David’s industry leading Content Network targeting techniques.

PPC just might be one of the world’s most efficient public relations tools in times of serious reputation crises. Tune in to learn about the “Negative call to action” as a secret to incredibly inexpensive Google advertising.

Disclaimer: data is approximate, so as to respect our client’s confidentiality.

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  • Gab Goldenberg

    Seems I missed the show, unfortunately… any chance to get an mp3 of it, Marty? Also, I’m still hoping for that keyword file we’d discussed by email, please :D.

    BTW, your post contradicts the title, by saying that it was 32M impressions for >4K, whereas the title says <4K.

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Gab, First LOL! That’s a great big DUH. Regarding the keyword file: We’ve been “asked” by certain corporate attorneys to refrain from disseminating said list. Let’s talk about what’s on it sometime. I’m sure, as a lawyer, you understand what THAT CD letter might have said.

  • Shweta Jha

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