Reunited With #SESCHI…And It Feels So Good!


Every year as winter approaches, we look forward to leaves falling, pumpkin spice coffee, scenic views of Lake Superior in Duluth and Mears Park in St. Paul, and of course, SES Chicago. Freshly returned from PubCon Las Vegas, our team is set to blog, tweet, and yes, speak in Chicago next week.

Held at the Chicago Marriott on Magnificent Mile, this year’s SES Chicago will feature paid, owned, earned, integrated, and business intelligence tracks for newcomers and advanced search and social professionals alike. SES regulars Matt Van Wagner,  Greg Jarboe, Alan K’necht, Anne Kennedy, Angie Schottmuller, Thom Craver, and so many more will be speaking this year, shaping up the conference to be a real treat for industry geeks like us.

AIMCLEAR has been attending SES Chicago since 2006 and Marty has been speaking since 2008. Each time we return, we’re reminded why we always come back. Impromptu hallway pow wows with industry friends, Greek cuisine with our favorite folks and a fine glass of wine, the memories and the company, it never gets old.

Our very own Marty Weintraub, AIMCLEAR Founder & Evangelist, will be taking the stage on Day 3 of the conference to shed some light on how to use social PPC to give your content legs! As AdWords is to SEO, these social PPC techniques are to content.


Using Social PPC Content Distribution to Dominate – Thursday, November 7: 2 – 3 PM

Driving traffic to your site is critical to success. Are you getting the most traffic you can? Attend Marty’s session to learn the ins and outs of driving social traffic, achieving KPI and CPA conversion, accruing significant social signals, and growing inbound links, likes and follows from community members who matter to your business. In most cases, marketers think they’re driving a good amount of traffic to their website, but they could be doing so much more.marty-weintraub

Social platforms continue to grow and offer an expanding suite of next gen ad units that blur the lines between organic and paid, ultimately serving both marketers’ and users’ bottom line.

Amidst all these social developments and emerging advertising opportunities, we are presented with an inexpensive method to make organic-looking content dominate through paid methods. Even if you have a very successful content strategy, only a small percentage of your target demographic will engage unless you take the plunge into paid social PPC. This incredibly insightful session will give you the necessary information to:

  • Drive highly targeted, measurable social psychographic traffic to content to yield conversions
  • Accrue real social signals from quality users with good authority
  • Earn strong links from sites with high domain authority
  • Protect your site from tough search engine algorithm updates
  • Amplify distribution of PR content to journalists, bloggers, and other media roles

ses chicago

Marty will be joined by two other members of the AIMCLEAR crew in Chicago next week: Ryan McGrath and Jake Taylor will also be in the crowd, so if you see any of them, definitely introduce yourself! We’re always looking to make friends. So raise your hand if you’re going to be at SES Chicago. Let’s grab a cup of Chicago java and shoot the breeze. Safe travels to all! Stay tuned as we share some more pre-SES coverage to whet your appetite for next week!

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