Sell With Social Marketing! This Is Our Love Of Music

Because music is such a fanatical passion for so many of us who work at AIMCLEAR, it’s only natural that a lot of our social media conversations cross over into the music industry.

Organic social media plays a huge part in music industry success… Some of the top accounts in numbers of social media followers/fans are musicians. The top 5 celebrities with the most Twitter followers are musicians — On Facebook, musicians make up 9 of the top 10 most popular fan pages, according to Socialbakers.

Additionally, there is a seemingly untapped spectrum of paid social media options available to independent artists and record companies that have aspirations to increase sales. This post offers record companies four actionable tactics that will help them get music into the hands of people singing their favorite artist’s song in the shower right now — and do it all through social media.

Reaching Music Lovers

Customers are flooded every day with messages trying to capitalize on their attention. The music industry could change from a shotgun approach and instead use psychographic targeting to MAKE SURE people can not only see their artists, but can purchase the albums immediately.

Here are four ways the use of a more targeted approach can be an advantage to record companies.

Influence Conversations With Twitter Keyword Targeting


Target users already engaged enough to speak about an author on social media with a well-timed Twitter ad promoting their latest album.

Users obviously care about the artists if they support them on social media; it is logical to estimate that the same users would support them monetarily given the chance. 

With roughly 500 million tweets a day, Twitter is one of the best places online to share information and opinions. Music is no exception. Users are constantly promoting and debating with other users about their favorites bands. Record companies are missing a golden opportunity if they let these conversations continue without sharing their own voice.

Leverage Facebook Custom Audiences To Create Perfect Customers

Screen Shot 2015-06-24 at 2.09.59 PMUse email addresses to build custom audiences in Facebook and Twitter. These lists are full of people who love similar genres and artists. Give them the chance to buy.

Want the best chance to get someone to purchase your music? Advertise to people who purchased before. Musicians build email lists to stay in touch with fans and keep them in the loop for news on tours, promos and new material.

If an artist doesn’t have an email list, they can cater to organic fans by offering a free download to social media fans/followers where fans have to offer up their emails — BAM, there’s your list. 


Deploy A Coordinated Attack With Search Retargeting

Adapt to a new strategy with Search Retargeting, one of the hottest topics in Digital Marketing, and build a list of qualified purchasers by utilizing search retargeting.

Offer exclusive content. Video is a great option for a social media ad — 52 percent of marketing pros say video content provides the best ROI, according to Video Statistics: The Marketer’s Summary 2014. Show video ads to users who have already visited an artist’s site.

While there is an investment in serving the ads to build a remarketing list, targeting qualified users generally leads to higher conversion rates and more album sales.

Build New Audiences By Capitalizing On Related Artistsspotify

Leverage other artist followings through custom lists and related artist suggestions.

Have a new artist who doesn’t have a huge organic following? No need to fear. Just borrow a similar artist’s larger following and expose the artist to a whole new fan base.

Use a service like Spotify, go to the artist’s page and take a look at the related artist section. This gives a qualified list of artists these programs consider to be similar. Import this list into Facebook and Twitter and create an advertising list based on fans of these artists. add-followers

While we know that social media plays a huge part in promoting an artist organically, we also know that growth isn’t always going to sell records on its own. Those forward thinking companies that understand the marriage between organic and paid on social are in a position to watch their business grow. Get artists in front of the right people. Expose an artist to a whole new fan base. Use social media to achieve it all.

Pairing AIMCLEAR‘s groundbreaking social media strategies AND passion for music just makes sense. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. This is our love of music.

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