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AIMCLEAR Audits present your businesses with the rare opportunity to lean on the experience of our award-winning team, without requiring longer commitments.

Why is this important?

Recent events have caused major staffing issues and severely impacted the marketing budget for many of the businesses we believe in.

And yet, your website, organic search and social, and paid advertising campaigns still need to touch on compelling themes, stories, and pain points. Your content, budget, and time still need to be properly optimized for each of your specific channels.

If these things aren’t happening, you’ll miss out on opportunities to continue connecting with your customers and growing your audience. Your ad spend may not work as efficiently. Your ads can be disapproved, and your website can be penalized.

You’ll waste time and budget, while leaving opportunity on the table for your competitors. Your business won’t scale as fast as it could, and won’t achieve the long-term authority that leads to brand awareness and repeat business.

AIMCLEAR Audits are designed to improve your key KPIs through various methods and tactics, without a large upfront commitment.

With this smaller initial engagement, we can audit your entire marketing ecosystem, or apply granular focus to any of the following channels or systems:

Integrated Audit:
AIMCLEAR will take a deep dive into your entire marketing ecosystem, looking for opportunities to improve consistency of tone and message, effectiveness of UI/UX, and improved technical implementation across all channels, platforms, and acquisition funnels.

Messaging/CRO Audit:
AIMCLEAR will examine your visual and vocal messaging and present recommendations for improving the key metrics that drive your business. We can also deliver a comprehensive A/B and Multivariate testing plan designed to improve conversions for lead generation and sales growth over time.

Paid Search/Social Audit:
Making your media budget work as efficiently as possible is even more important when things might be uncertain or booming. Our paid media audits dive into every detail of your accounts, from your bidding to your creative, giving you a cohesive view of what’s working well and what should be changed or tested.

Email Marketing Audit:
AIMCLEAR will review your email marketing systems, and make specific recommendations designed to improve overall flow, deliverability, open rates, clicks, post-click behavior, and revenue per email/campaign. We can also deliver a custom ongoing testing and optimization plan.

Website SEO Audit:
AIMCLEAR will review on-site technical and/or semantic SEO KPIs with the goal of increasing organic visibility and search traffic. The purpose is to recommend changes to the website’s technical configuration and/or semantic content to eliminate barriers to healthy search engine indexing and maximize SEO efficiency. The final deliverable will be a detailed audit report, including prioritized recommendations to improve SEO performance.

Website Performance Audit:
AIMCLEAR will review current website performance with the goal of improving page load time to increase website performance scores. The purpose is to recommend changes to the websites configuration and code to optimize for maximum throughput. The final deliverable will be a detailed findings report, including prioritized recommendations to improve website performance.

Martech and Data Audits:
The availability and ease of use of marketing tools and platforms often leads to redundancy, overspend, and capability gaps. Understanding what you have, what you need and how to integrate these tightly into a cohesive and cost-effective martech stack is essential. Our martech audit will provide you with a technology roadmap and recommendations for eliminating waste and implementing just the right tools for your needs.

Part of any martech stack, and the most critical component for assessing your marketing efforts is your data pipeline – from tagging and tracking through to more sophisticated ETL and BI reporting frameworks. Our data audits dig into your campaigns, funnels, on-site user behavior and data aggregation processes to produce a roadmap for multi-channel attribution models and comprehensive reporting.

Strategic recommendations are presented in the form of a comprehensive document and a series of followup teleconferences. Unlike other Audits, AIMCLEAR will present you with several “low hanging fruit” items that can be addressed for immediate results, and also longer-range items you can implement over the coming months as well.

There is no long-term commitment. Our goal with an AIMCLEAR Audit is to help you achieve remarkable results, and earn your ongoing business by generating the revenue you need to deepen our relationship when you’re ready.

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