CRO & Creative Testing

Conversion Rate Optimization & Creative Testing

Award-winning creative, integrated strategy, and data-driven metrics.

Creative Services

At AIMCLEAR, we help ethical brands gain a competitive advantage by combining our award-winning creative services with integrated marketing strategy and data-driven metrics.

Big results rarely happen overnight,  so in addition to offering initial strategy and campaign launch and management services, we also support our clients with an ongoing ACE (Audit, Create, Execute) testing model that reliably improves key metrics over time.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

One of the most critical – but often overlooked – parts of any integrated marketing campaign is analysis and optimization of every conversion opportunity. We believe understanding should not stop at overall conversion rates, but also which creatives in campaigns are out-performing others, or could be tuned to better perform.

The art and science of conversion rate optimization is something the AIMCLEAR creative services team excels at, and this expertise is leveraged in every client engagement and campaign launch to improve conversions for online lead generation and sales.

Our CRO Service includes:

  • Opportunity Audit
  • Audience Persona Development
  • A/B and Multi-Variant testing
  • Ongoing Messaging / CRO Strategy

All CRO services are supported by direct response design and copy, tech, tracking, and data analysis.

Opportunity Audit

An Audit is an evaluation of an entire marketing ecosystem for things like: consistency of tone and message, effectiveness of UI/UX, direct response design and copy, and technical implementation.

An opportunity audit may include specific recommendations for:

  • Standalone campaigns and elements such as individual ad creatives and social media posts
  • Entire acquisition funnels, websites, and/or other assets
  • Recommendations for short and mid-range optimizations

The goal of an opportunity audit is to identify areas for growth and increased revenue, coupled with a game plan to implement the findings, and execute on deliverables.

Audience Persona Development

Using client data combined with in-house research to segment key audiences, we create audience persona archetypes to better focus client marketing efforts.

Understanding the “who” of your marketing should be driving the “what” of your messages. We help make your audience three dimensional, so every time you make a piece of content, you know who you’re speaking to.

Messaging Strategy

Marketing is largely about the right message, delivered consistently.

Without that, your brand can seem diluted or confusing, getting lost in the sea of advertisting.

Our Messaging Strategy services includes creation of things like:

  • A unified messaging strategy
  • A content marketing plan
  • An editorial calendar for message implementation and delivery
  • Ongoing content creation and brand storytelling
  • Ongoing measurement and iteration on results

Email Marketing Audit & Testing Plan

As social feeds have gotten flooded, the return to the beauty of the 1-on-1 conversation has never been more appreciated. Knowing what drives open rates, interactions, and lifelong fans is critical to a healthy and profitable email marketing plan.

We evaluate your efforts from top to bottom to assess things like:

  • Overall campaign flows
  • Email deliverability
  • Email open rates & click-through rates
  • Post-click behavior
  • Revenue per email/campaign

Based on this analysis, we follow up with creation of an ongoing testing and optimization plan.

Video Production

Our videographers, writers, storytellers and online presenters create authentic media that powerfully portrays a brand’s strengths. We think of video concepts from beginning to end — from conception to psychographic matching.

We package this within our vast experience of the online advertising landscape, accounting for difference in platform ad specs, as well as user behaviors.

Additional Creative Services

  • Logo design and branding work
  • Simple and complex acquisition funnels and funnel graphics
  • Ad creatives (FB ad images, videos, display banners, or other display creatives)
  • Print design (brochures, direct mail pieces, magazine ads)
  • Bespoke creative initiatives
  • Comprehensive brand documentation and training

Contact us and let us know how we can work together to create a successful CRO strategy for your business.