Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Strategy

Assessment, strategy and execution for data-informed integrated marketing.

Data Analysis, Audit, and Integration Services

As Peter Drucker famously noted, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.”  The martech and data analysis team at AIMCLEAR has extensive experience working with both B2B and B2C brands to define goals, establish KPIs, audit tagging and implement best-in-class integrated tracking, ETL and BI reporting for all brand campaign data.

Marketing Data Management, Integration & Insights

At AIMCLEAR, our data analysts are experts at organizing, maintaining and warehousing marketing data elements that embody key performance metrics across multiple marketing channels and third-party sources. Common sources may include but are not limited to: Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yahoo! Gemini, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Analytics, Salesforce, Looker, Pardot, Marketo, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, ConstantContact. AIMCLEAR data analysts turn these disparate data sources into key insights dashboard that represent high-level overviews as well as granular dynamic visualizations.

Our ETL process is segmented in four primary stages:

      1. Plan – Establish targetable goals, objectives, define KPIs, data sources, reporting dimensions, and data owners.
      2. Profile – Audit data structure (or lack thereof), granularity, dimensions, metrics, etc. and develop a product roadmap and flow.
      3. Pipe – Define how data will be transmitted or delivered and what source information needs to be extracted.
      4. Transform – Several operations are undertaken in this stage including, but not limited to: validation, integration, joining, sorting, aggregation, derivation and mapping.

KPI Consulting

Every great project’s success starts with knowing and having laid the foundation with goals and KPI’s. Our team helps to cultivate those KPI’s together with our clients.

Because we are an agency with longevity and vision, we’ve seen numerous case studies and outcomes. Our breadth means we can help keep expectations real throughout the process.

The KPIs could include the following and/or others:

  • Leads, Direct Response CPA KPIs
  • Attributable CPA KPIs
  • Social Credibility KPIs
  • Audience Nurture KPIs
  • Quantifiable Awareness KPIs
  • SEO: Organic SERPs Brand Prominence
  • PR Measurement, Amplification KPIs
  • Site Performance and Traffic KPIs

Analytics Consulting

Even the most ubiquitous of analytics programs (Google Analytics, Adobe, etc.) are not for the faint of heart.  There are dozens of attribution analytics programs, common and emergent, that require a savvy understanding.

A high percentage of clients we take on have at least some unresolved analytics issues.

Though the online marketing industry has always been wrought with analytics challenges, issues are becoming more pervasive as cross-channel attribution becomes more opaque and the customer journey less of a direct funnel and more of a non-linear multi-touch experience. Add to that the challenges of full path online-to-offline attribution modeling (store visits, call centers,  mobile, social media, etc.), and you’ll want an analytics expert at the table.

AIMCLEAR‘s expert analysts are your ace-in-the-hole and provide the following analytics consulting services:

  • Tagging – audit, setup and validate
  • Validation – data quality, attribution models, and analysis
  • Business Intelligence – data visualization, predictive analysis and modeling

Advanced SEO Analytics

The days are long gone where it was easy to rank in search engines, empirical to measure SEO efforts, and there were fewer websites to clog up SERPs.  Now, advanced big-data SEO analytics provide detailed feedback on technical, semantic and social SEO. We work with the most advanced toolmakers in the world and, in an age where Google does not reveal organic keywords driving traffic, we use big data and tools to:

  • Measure competitive, trended, imputed, traffic share at the keyword and concept level
  • Perform competitive gap analysis to track our progress for keywords and concepts against competitors
  • Track the overlap of SEO and PPC for our clients and their competitors
  • Provide workflow-oriented feedback on which technical and semantic attributes should be addressed/fixed/improved and in what order of priority
  • Report on how social effects SEO and vice versa

SEO does not exist in a channel-exclusive vacuum and neither do our services. Our clients enjoy full access to SEO analytics that measure SEO, for its true place in the integrated marketing funnel.

Reach out to us and let us know how we can partner with you on your data and analytics strategy.