Martech Strategy & Integration

Assessment, strategy and integration for best-in-class marketing technology.

Marketing Technology  Strategy & Integration

The domains of marketing and technology have been inching ever closer over the recent half-decade, creating entirely new roles in organizations (marketing ops for example) where tech-savvy marketers and marketing-savvy developers sit side-by-side and adopt powerful technology solutions to marketing challenges. But with over 8,000 marketing technology platforms across 6 distinct categories, where do you begin?

AIMCLEAR‘s marketing technology (martech) experts include both technologists and marketers that have been involved in these industries for over 20 years now. Our staff includes full-stack platform developers, traditional and digital marketers, as well as web app developers whose combined experience covers all 6 categories of martech platforms:

  • Advertising & Promotion
  • Content & Experience
  • Social & Relationships
  • Commerce and Sales
  • Data
  • Management

Our staff has B2B, B2C, publisher and advertiser experience, encompassing a holistic perspective and approach to consulting with partners on building and optimizing a set of martech solutions to create the ideal, bespoke martech stack.

Martech Audits and Strategy

As a result of so many marketing platforms and tool choices, it’s easy to find yourself in a situation where you have something akin to a “franken-stack” – a disparate, often redundant, set of technologies deployed within various departments without any centralization or guiding initiative. Our marketing technologists have deep experience across the broad spectrum of solutions and work with clients to wrangle these stacks into cohesive and complementary functions. Our martech audits are goal-driven to identify the right solutions mapped to your existing marketing challenges, with an emphasis on reducing waste and eliminating redundancy.

Martech Integration Services

Many businesses – large and small – have challenges not just with identifying technology solutions to marketing challenges, but with having the available resources in-house to implement them. AIMCLEAR‘s marketing technologists and developers work with our partners to ensure that any new tool or platform identified can be properly adopted by providing comprehensive integration services along with any needed training or documentation.

Business Automation Consulting

Driving new audience acquisition for our clients through integrated marketing campaigns has been AIMCLEAR‘s focus since day one.  For businesses that are not setup with CRM/CSM solutions, our marketing technologists assess the most appropriate SaaS business automation solution to score and follow all leads, avoiding missed opportunities and revenue, while increasing human capacity to service leads. Driving measurable results in account-based marketing, lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, and/or mobile marketing by utilizing the right combination of tools and processes is the primary objective of this type of engagement.

Connect with us and let us know how we can partner with you to leverage our marketing technology experience to create or optimize your martech stack.