Public relations

Public Relations & Reputation

The intersection of award-winning PR, distribution, amplification, and reach.

Public Relations

The AIMCLEAR PR team will work to boost your brand’s visibility to new heights. Blending old-school PR tactics with advanced digital strategies, your company and thought leaders can break through the noise in media and social channels in new and exciting ways.

AIMCLEAR PR strategists are key members of today’s digital marketing team. As communications partners, we use deep insights into a company’s key messages, product and service offerings, along with content and thought leadership to expand visibility and boost reputation across key audiences.

Clients benefit from our PR team’s deep experience across multiple B2B and B2C sectors and track record supporting organizations from startups to Fortune 100 mega corporations. Strategies cut across traditional media to bloggers and social influencers, generating valuable impressions through the right mix of channels, social communities, ad networks, and other venues to reach target-rich audiences.  

We strive to run PR campaigns that achieve measurable results, bringing the depth of jumbo PR agencies with personal, prioritized attention to your needs.

  • Strategic PR Planning
  • Editorial Calendar Efficiency
  • Key Message Development
  • Crisis Response
  • Media Training
  • Content Development
  • Media Pitching (1:1, news releases, mass distribution, etc.)
  • Event/Trade Show PR
  • Advanced Executive Visibility

Online Reputation Management

The Complete Social Media Community Manager's Guide

Community managers today are often the most visible face of a brand. And they often bear the brunt of anger, criticism, and negative customer feedback. They are as much a part of PR as anyone in any organization.

Why treat them as “the person who responds on Facebook,” which can be the prevailing wisdom in organizations today.

Brands trust their reputations to their CMs, often without enough appreciation for their role as brand evangelists and brand guardians. 

By deploying advanced monitoring tools along with precise protocols for responses to social discussions (positive and negative), AIMCLEAR has equipped and trained community managers all over the world. AIMCLEAR literally wrote the book for how to function in this increasingly high profile and crucial job. Since releasing The Complete Social Media Community Manager’s Guide, we’ve transformed CMs to brand heroes, indispensable in their organizations. 

They know how to listen, respond, pivot, fix, route, and close the loop on situations that could otherwise send a brand to the brand dumpster in minutes. Your brand in social media deserves the AIMCLEAR treatment.

PR Amplification: Distribute to Journalists, Bloggers, and Influencers

One big perk of working with a PR machine embedded into an agency whose DNA is digital and social marketing, we can amplify relevant content and story ideas to those who can share your story with the world. 

The media list of yesterday was (usually outdated) spreadsheets with names, email addresses, and phone numbers. Today, it’s a deep, strategic compilation of psychographic insight, targetability, reachability, and connectability. What does that mean? Think of the retargeting ad that follows users all around the internet. AIMCLEAR has pioneered ways to apply psychographic and professional targeting in social channels against the old story pitch. We package and serve up brands, personas, products, and stories so the right influencers get to know an organization, which helps them want to cover it. 

Of course, we still pick up the phone, send the emails, and meet with influencers face-to-face. The right amplification, however, helps set the stage and make the story stick in their minds. 

Content Distribution & Amplification

Okay, not every story is destined to be “news” in the eyes of journalists, influencers, and bloggers. But it can be news to the people you need to reach. 

Our team creates and distributes high quality, engaging content tailored for well-conceived audiences. Trouble is, that “free” distribution through social channels has all but evaporated. Distribution to audiences requires an adept mix of great Search Engine Optimization (SEO), audience development, packaging, targeting, and amplification. 

Brands often dump thousands of dollars on old school PR teams that promise media hits but fail to deliver. That promise of a NYT piece that turned into a half-baked story in a regional business publication with the CEO’s name misspelled? We are candid with our clients and will tell them if their story won’t get coverage, but we’ll sure show ‘em how to get it in front of their audiences. 

Every interaction is PR, whether it’s read in the Times or if it’s a solid, informative LinkedIn Pulse article (where the actual message is controlled and the CEO’s name is spelled correctly. 

Let our PR folks show you the intersection of PR, Distribution, Amplification, and Reach. We’ll roll up our sleeves and provide strategies to take advantage of PR – wherever it lives and breathes.