Singapore: Facebook English Speaking Users

It’s Wednesday, folks, and you know what that means- another installment of our Facebook English Speaking Demographic Series. Over a month ago, we took a look at the 60 countries with the largest FB userbase (that also claim English as an official language) in Population Graph: Where Are Facebook English Speaking Users?. Last week we explored the self-identifying trends in South Africa’s English Speaking Facebookers, and before that, dove into social segments the UK, Ireland, Canada, India and the Philippines.  Today we head back to Southeast Asia, and take a dip in the demographics of Facebook English speaking users in Singapore.

As of June 23, 2010, approximately 2,272,560 English speaking folks over in Singapore had Facebook accounts. What do you say we take a look-see at how they break down?

Total English Speaking Users 14 & Up

English Speaking Males & Females 14 & Up

English Speaking Straight & Gay Males

English Speaking Straight & Gay Females

English Speaking Males: Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, or Married

English Speaking Females: Single, In a Relationship, Engaged, or Married

Languages Spoken… Other Than English…

A Breakdown Of Age Groups By Gender

Self-Tagged By Occupation & University

Self-Tagged Interests That Suggest Occupation

College Students & Majors

Happy Birthday To You!
Who likes getting free coupons? I know I do! But it’s almost in our human nature to be wary when we’re served seemingly no-strings-attached coupons.
However, on our birthday, it’s damn near expected. Ever consider targeting users by D.O.B., then pitching “OMG It’s Your Birthday! Save 50% off!” esque ads through the FB platform? Bet you get a nice amount of bites…

Who Hates Stuck Up Bitches? Singapore vs. US
I know I do… but let’s see how many of Singapore’s English Speaking Facebookers can’t stand catty chicks.

Who’s Into Sex Toys? Singapore vs. US
I know I am… wait, scratch that last.

The Far Reach Of American Pop Country
The world just can’t get enough of these cowgirl cuties. Here’s some proof:

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! Some bite-sized social segments of Singapore’s English speaking Facebook population. Be sure to check back next week when we hit up another country and observe the different ways its residents self-identify in cyberspace.

credit: anne.oeldorfhirsch
credit: niuяηicole

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