Social Marketing Cluster Facts: Google Creates Alphabet & Twitter Loosens DM Character Count

Every week we dive into this week’s social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week?

Google announces it’s restructuring under a new parent company, Facebook indicates it will soon open up live streaming services to journalists and other verified accounts, and Twitter breaks free from its 140 character DM limit to allow 10,000 characters (ya know, kind of like email). Want more? Watch Social Marketing Cluster Facts. Turn it on, turn it up.

Google Announces Plans for New Operating Structure, Google Press Release

‘Yes, We Still Love Google+’ Says Outgoing Google CEO Larry Page, Marketing Land, Danny Sullivan

Why Did YouTube Stay With Google Instead Of Going With Alphabet?, Fortune, Mathew Ingram

Facebook Urged To Tighten Privacy Setting After Harvest Of User Data, The Guardian, Josh Halliday

Facebook Confirms Live Broadcasting Will Soon Open To Journalists And Verified Profiles, Tech Crunch, Josh Constine

Periscope, By The Numbers, Periscope

Removing The 140 Character Limit From Direct Messages, Twitter, Sachin Agarwal

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