Social Marketing Cluster Facts: Twitter Expands Its Ad Platform & G+ Debuts a New Logo

Every week we dive into this week’s social media news, providing you with real (and amusing) insight into this dynamic industry. What’s up this week?

Twitter expands their self-serve ads platform to over 200 countries, Google’s logo debuts a new look and Facebook is the preferred social platform for foodies.

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Twitter Ads are Now Available in Over 200 Countries and Territories, Richard Alfonsi, Twitter Blog

Twitter and the News: How People Use the Social Network to Learn about the World, Tom Rosenstiel, Jeff Sonderman, Kevin Loker, Maria Ivancin and Nina Kjarval, American Press Institute

Machinima Settles FTC Charges Over Xbox One Endorsements, Sarah E. Needleman and Chelsey Dulaney, The Wall Street Journal

Google+ Twitter

John Kilcline Google+ Page

The Traffic LinkedIn Drives to Publishers Has Dropped 44 Percent this Year, Lucia Moses, Digiday

Facebook Has Recruited U2, Carrie Underwood, And Alicia Keys To Push Music Videos, Hugh McIntyre, Forbes Media & Entertainment

This Online Tool Reveals your Personality Based on Facebook ‘Likes’, James Titcomb, The Telegraph


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