Squidoo, an Emerging Social Media Channel

Squidoo is an emerging social media channel which is demonstrating an ability to attain top organic rankings in highly contested keyword spaces. More importantly the site seems to operate on a simple (yet brilliant) premise that can truly help folks find the content they seek. It’s worth considering as a channel and offers some cool possibilities for clients.

Squidoo’s founder Seth Goodin knows that the wrong thing to do is try to trick a search engine  into sending traffic you don’t deserve. He saw a huge need in the marketplace a for human beings to act as a necessary step in-between the SERPs and the searcher’s final destination. Squidoo’s results have attained significant organic prominence on Google and Yahoo in some highly contested keyword spaces. [Get full SES coverage @ SES Roundtable]laptopBagsGoogle
This social media channel is worth checking out. Squidoo’s methodology is based on the premise that the best way to gain organic prominence is to “open deep content up to the search engines in a highly organized structure where the fans of your product give thoughtful hand-built explanations of what they know.”  If you do that you are doing exactly what the search engines want you do, putting relevant and meaningful results on the SERP.

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