StumbleUpon Gets Facelift. Beta Upgrade Unveiled to Wider Group.

Tonight while logged in to StumbleUpon to go through messages, I noticed an invitation to try out the new beta version of the StumbleUpon interface. Previously the beta interface was visible to members of the SU Beta Users’ Group. This wider release is likely to be scrutinized given StumbleUpon’s propensity to drive voluminous traffic and eBay’s recent purchase of SU for 100 million US dollars.


The new interface features a cool new tab system for navigating your account.beta41.jpg
…and offers the ability to see your own profile through the eyes of others.


We’ll look forward to getting to know the upgraded interface better. SU is widely respected and beloved by community members. There has been a lot of apprehension amongst authority Stumblers, in light of eBay’s recent purchase of SU, and it will be fascinating to gauge the response to any changes. Recently adWords were spotted on SU pages.

SU Beta Group Message
There has been an ongoing beta group in SU “For people interested in beta testing new features.” Here is the message posted in the beta group:

“NOTICE: Joining this group will make you automatically start seeing features that are undergoing development and may be unstable. If you wish to leave beta testing, please resign this group. Disclaimer: The releases available here are experimental. Please report bugs and strange behavior.”

Since I am not a member of the beta user’s group than tonight’s deployment of invitations signals that the beta interface is being tested amongst the general SU user population. Stay tuned…

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