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When Facebook acquired Instagram, it was a match made in social sharing heaven. Beautifully curated images powered by heavy-hitting data gave marketers all the warm fuzzies.

Advertising on Instagram means marketers with a creative edge and story to tell can engage with an expertly inventive and high-resolution audience. They can speak directly to the heart of an audience that engages in a platform that provides a stunning narrative, whether your passion is cross-fit, contouring or cliff-diving.

While the targeting interface for Instagram promotions lives within the Facebook UI, it’s important to remember the Instagram user base behaves differently than Facebook’s audience and should be treated as such. Understanding the idiosyncrasies of Insta-lovers will aid in building affinity audiences that can be layered on top of campaign-based interest or behavior targeting.

Let’s dive in to five layering audiences that focus in on the bread and butter of Instagram affinity:

1. Photo Uploaders

We’re starting off nice and simple by adding the Behavior layer of users who commonly upload photos, the primary action of an Instagram user.

If you’re looking at targeting the 77 percent of Instagram users living outside of the United States and are unable to use the Behavior data, consider the following interests.


2. Photo Editing Software & Apps

Know that Instagram user who spends 45 minutes grappling between Hefe and Earlybird? Capture the spirit of Instagram’s stunning collection of filters with a layer of interest in the most popular photo editing apps.

Want to reach beyond the selfie-mavens and #brunch crowd? Layer on professional photo editing software that extends beyond a mobile device.


3. Social Channel Obsessed

The average Instagram user spends 21 minutes out of every day immersed in the app. Snapchat consumes 30 minutes out of every average user’s day. With little time left to sleep or eat, capture the hearts and minds of the social obsessed with the following layer.


4. Heavy Mobile Use

Almost all users access Instagram through the mobile app; in the US alone 98 percent of users only use the app. Integrate your target audience with the smart phone community by using the following layers.

THH-6THH-75. Generations

Instagram has a varied demographic. Fifty-three percent of online adults (18-29) use Instagram, while 52 percent of online teens (13-17) use the platform. Play to the different generations with the following layers.


Want to target users who are young at heart, no matter their age? The following layer plays at the generalization of a Millennial Instragrammer.


With 400 million active monthly users, Instagram holds a large volume of potential for any marketing campaign. Take your targeting to the next level by layering in Instagram affinities to watch the engagement soar.

Happy ‘gramming!

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